Wednesday, January 27, 2016

National Puzzle Day *Revie & Giveaway #LoveHallmark

Gear up for National Puzzle Day January 29th

New Hallmark Puzzles are available at all
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We were thrilled to get our New England Afternoon Puzzle with 550 pieces. It came just before we were inundated with snow, and we were thrilled to have something to occupy our time. My 14 year old took to it right away and got all of the outside pieces hooked in. We had it on the table in the living room and people would stop and work on it as they traveled by. I loved the thickness of the pieces. They are sturdy enough that when the baby got ahold of them, they were still viable!
The pieces feel like artwork! When we got it done I wanted to hang it on the wall, it was so beautiful.
I had to go out and run errands and I came back and all but the sky was done on the puzzle. I decided I couldn't hang it on the wall because I want to get a chance to build it again. I didn't get my fill with the kids taking over.

Take a look at all of these fun details! Spotted animals, small flags and plants, people doing folksy activities. This puzzle made me want to get outside and have a picnic.

Several great puzzles in the new collection to entertain you this winter.
Tropical Wonders, Mary's Bears, Vintage Labels, Marina Dreams, A Vote for America, and many  more.

MADE in the USA!!

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  1. I like the On Angels’ Wings 550-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle.
    Thank you!

  2. I like the Pedal to the Metal. My boys would help do that puzzle with me.I love to do puzzles. We do about one a week!! thanks for the chance to win one

  3. My favorite puzzle is My Cup of Tea.

  4. I most like the ew England Afternoon Folk Art Colonial Americanav550 piece puzzle.

  5. I like On Angels’ Wings 550-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle