Monday, December 14, 2015

Mommy, who made Earth ? *Review

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”
The Bible’s book of Genesis and its story of Creation inspired printmaking artist Carroll Harrison Kehne, Jr. to transform his original silkscreen prints into a children’s book illustrating how the earth was born in seven days.

In his book, “Mommy, who made Earth?,” Kehne uses expressionist artwork to retell the story of God’s creation of our world using 27 silkscreen prints, also known as serigraphs.
“My pictures in the book aren’t unlike the ones astronomers are presently showing from their space explorations of other solar systems,” Kehne said.
Kehne hopes the artwork, numbers, colors, shapes and patterns in “Mommy, who made Earth?” will help stimulate imagination and artistic growth in young children, and emphasize the important message that children should care for all things God created.
“I hope my illustrations will inform children and cause them to think and ask questions, creating an interactive discussion between a teacher or parent and child,” Kehne said.

The illustrations are outstanding! I love how Mr. Kehne took his original silkscreen prints and turned them into a children's book. I love that my kids got to see unique prints of the creation story, rather than the typical illustrated version. I liked that it was abstract enough to invoke more imagination for the kids. I love that they can see a variety of thoughts on what creation may have looked like, not always being a cartoon version. I would love to see my kids take some time to recreate Mr. Kehnes artwork in their own style.
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