Monday, December 14, 2015

Fervent : A Woman's Battle Plan for Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer *Review

I couldn't wait to see the much talked about War Room. It was just as great as I heard and both my hubby and I were changed and led into more of a meaningful prayer life. I really enjoyed Priscilla Shirer in her role, which for me was the first time being introduced to her. I had heard her name on occasion from friends who were reading some of her books. I up to this point just hadn't had the opportunity. Wow, was I missing out! Fervent is one of those books that every woman will want to read. A book to really help you focus your prayer time. And you don't need to have watch a movie to do it!
This book is a call to prayer. A call to being as the titles says; serious, specific and strategic. Priscilla helps teach us how to do all of those things, while helping us be alert to the enemy's arrows.

This is an active book, one you read and participate in as you work through the book.
There are 10 strategies that Priscilla walks you through in seeking to improve your prayer life.
Your Passion
Your Focus
Your Identity
Your Family
Your Past
Your Fears
Your Purity
Your Pressures
Your Hurts
Your Relationships

This is not a book ABOUT prayer, this is a strategic plan of attack in a War. Prayer is a powerful tool, and we have much we can be warring against. All battle require a plan, a strategy, and we need the same as we fight against the enemy.

I highlighted much of this book in bright pink. The pages are dog eared, and I have re read parts a few times over. This is an amazing book! This book gives you the tools to DO SOMETHING about areas we feel useless to do anything. We do much when we pray!

There is room for notes in the back of the book as well as personal prayer cards to write on and put up in your "war room". I have a corner in my room that I use when I rock the baby to sleep. I sit and look at my sticky notes and pray over the things on the bookshelf listed. It is a perfect time for me to get into prayer mode as the baby snuggles off to dream land. No other kids bothering me, and my mind is focused on the plan in front of me. You don't need a 'room ' for prayer, or a closet. You can use any nook and cranny that will take sticky notes or the cards from the back of the book. Also you can post scripture to use when praying over these things.

The devil uses the specifics above to get you to think you aren't a prayer warrior. Your fears, past, identity. Priscilla takes those darts from the devil and shows you through the Word how you can be set free from those scripturally.

I strongly recommend this book. One of my very favorites, that I have zero plan of loaning out. It is one that I will have a few copies on hand to gift out to those who the Lord let's me know, needs some more fervor in their prayers.

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  1. Really enjoyed this book as well. Thanks for sharing your review!