Thursday, December 10, 2015

BOB-A-LONG Kickstarter Campaign



NEW YORK, NY -- On December 10, (INSERT SOMEONE YOU KNOW) is proud to announce that BOB-A-LONG, the zany, interactive card game for the whole (INSERT ITEM) will be (INSERT ACTION) into the marketplace with a Kickstarter campaign found at
When FREAKY PETS™ creator Marcus Ticotin's daughter and her cousins were little, he spent countless hours devising fun, creative and thought-provoking games for them to play, helping them to bond and use their imaginations.  Fast forward 25 years to his creation of FREAKY ENTERTAINMENT (, a universe of unique and funny characters originally spun off into online games, a live, touring musical and reversible plush toys, available nationally through Hallmark stores.  BOB-A-LONG is an offshoot of this highly original universe, and will soon deliver hours of imaginative, interactive fun and laughter for all game lovers 8 years old and up!

A family card game that inspires creativity, BOB-A-LONG challenges players to bring out their inner comics as they perform charades to get other competitors to guess what's on their bizarre "action" or "item" card, wonderfully illustrated by book artist Kory Fluckiger.  Once the card is guessed, it's used to fill in the blanks in an outrageous FREAKY PETS adventure story. Then, game play truly turns zany as the designated reader is given a "flavor" to use while performing the story - whether it's speaking in "pirate", wearing a feathered chapeau or while squinting and leaning to the left.  Guaranteed to turn an ordinary game night into a hysterical event, the goal of BOB-A-LONG is to have a BOB-load of fun, while being as creative, zany, funny, as humanly -- or even as non-humanly - possible.

Seeking funds for a production run, the BOB-A-LONG Kickstarter campaign will launch on December 10, offering BOB-A-LONG backers the chance to get everything from a copy of the game hot off the presses and exclusive, illustrated cards not available at retail to reversible plush FREAKY PETS toys, the immortalization of you or your pet into the actual game, a personalized audio recording of the BOB-A-LONG adventure story by a professional actor/actress and more.  Stretch goals include "Bob's Shock and Awe Expansion Pack" featuring 10 additional shocking action cards, 10 additional awesome item cards and 5 additional shockingly awesomeatious story cards.
Delivering fun and creativity in equal measures, look for BOB-A-LONG to bounce into retail in 2016.  And, consumers seeking more information on the game can visit and sign up for exclusive updates!

This game reminds me of the one where you ask someone for a noun, verb, name of a person, etc and it makes a funny story. Much more interactive with it being in game form!

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