Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hope Unveiled in the Book of Revelation *Review

Hope Unveiled in the Book of Revelation

New guidebook relays a message of reassurance within the Bible’s most feared book
With the trials and challenges of the present life, it is uplifting to look forward to a time when all who believe will spend eternity in the presence of God.
In his new book, “Hope Unveiled in the Book of Revelation,” theologian Dr. Raymond J. Zeman provides a detailed examination of the book of Revelation based on the King James Version of the Bible.
By summarizing the catastrophic end-time events, reviewing the certainty of Divine judgment and describing the glorious inheritance promised to all who believe in God, Zeman reveals a message of hope, courage and faith within the revelations.
“Many people fear reading the book of Revelation,” Zeman said. “However, the revelations are meant to instill hope throughout its passages, not despair.”
Currently a Bible teacher in North Carolina, Zeman has also published three other books that study the Bible’s books of James, Thessalonians and Mark.
This is an excellent commentary to read through as you study the book of Revelation. It is in the KJV of the bible and will look at each verse individually. Dr. Zeman references other places in scripture as well as giving meaning of specific words. He also uses knowledge of the Word as a whole to help explain what is happening in Revelation.

This is a good book to have if you are wanting an indepth study on Revelation. It will help you to understand more deeply the suggested prophesies. As with any book other than the actual Bible, it is man's own opinion and you have to be sure to test that with what the scripture says and the Holy Spirit speaks. I didn't find anything offensive or off base in the commentary from what I understand about Revelation. I have been studying Daniel in a Bible Study group and of course that often would lead us to Revelation. This book seems to go along much the same as my Daniel study, with the thoughts on the Little Horn and other images being suggested.

 An excellent resource for your own personal Bible study time, or use in a small group setting.

 About the author Dr. Raymond J. Zeman has a bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Engineering, a master’s degree in business administration from Baldin-Wallace College and a doctorate degree and Ph.D. in biblical studies from Bethany Theological Seminary. Zeman is a member of the Case Western Reserve University School of Engineering Advisory Board, and is also an active member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. He is a Bible teacher at Lake Norman Baptist Church in Huntersville, N.C. Zeman is currently writing his fifth book entitled “God’s Plan for the World Unveiled,” which serves as a roadmap for the future and points readers in the direction they would not want to ignore.
For more information about Zeman and his books, visit www.PropheciesUnveiled.org.

This book can be purchased from Amazon HERE

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