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USAopoly Board Games for the Whole Family *Review

 USAopoly Review

Board games are making a comeback in our house. Thanks to USAopoly we were able to review 2 new games this month. Geared for ages 8 and up, Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game and
Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone were games we tried with my 7.75, 11 and 13 year olds. I joined in the fun as well and we really enjoyed these games from USAopoly.

 USAopoly Review

Tapple is a word game where you don't need to know how to spell, you just need to know what the beginning letter is of the word. There are categories listed on a card, different color coded for age groups. Since we were playing with an almost 8 year old we chose the easiest of the categories. Of course this made it almost too easy for my 13 year old and definitely for myself.

For example the category was "Found in the Jungle". We would take turns holding the Tapple board, and push the red start button in the center. Then the person holding the board would think of a word of something that is found in the jungle. They say Tiger and push down the T, hand the board to the next person and they hit the red button in the middle and push down the letter J and say Jaguar. You continue passing the board around, having fewer and fewer letters each time to choose a word for. If you can't think of a word in the allotted time, you are out and play passes to the next person. The winner is the person who is still playing once everyone is out, and they receive the category card for their pile. The winner is the one with the most cards.

I find that this game will work best with kids of similar ages. I of course won every round we played because I am older and love word games. My youngest tended to get out first. This would be a great game for a class of students in like a co-op, Sunday school class, or even a birthday party.

USAopoly Review

Wonky was enjoyed a bit more by my crew. It felt more like an even playing field for them, and I could join in and be at a similar level. It is a strategic, visual game that the kids really enjoyed. They laughed often and smacked their heads when their towers fell down!

So there are 9 cubes, but they are not perfectly square, they are 'wonky', and you can play them however you would like. You are dealt 7 cards from the deck, the rest are the draw pile and you have a discard pile. You take your turn and play a card from your hand which tells you the size and color of the block you need to play. The next person takes their turn doing the same and needs to add a block to the stack already there. You play each turn on top of the previous block. Playing it safe you can always put the largest block first. My youngest got a kick out of putting the smallest block first to make it more of a challenge for the next couple players. Some extra cards like skipping a turn, and reverse throw a little bit of a spin on the game. There are also cards where you have to put down a block and then get to do an extra thing like pass or have a player choose another card. If you knock the tower down you have to draw three cards and play continues. The winner is the one who gets rid of all of their cards first. 

The youngest seemed to delight in being the one to have the tower fall because then he got to start the next tower (with a small block), but he also had to draw 3 more cards. He soon caught on that he was not going to be the one to get rid of his cards first, but I really don't think that bothered him. He had more fun sabotaging everyone else!

This game had more of a level playing field and of the two games from USAopoly this was the favorite. I personally enjoyed Tapple, as I love word style games. Both games will stay in our collection for use in our family board game adventures.

Publishing games for 20 years, you are sure to find some games your family will love by visiting USAopoly! Be sure to check them out this upcoming holiday season.

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 USAopoly Review

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