Friday, September 11, 2015

Read Me a Bible Story 365 *Review & Giveaway #Tommynelson

 Stories by Sally Ann Wright

This is a great, quick look at a daily Bible story. This book is geared for ages4-8, though I would lean toward the younger ages. Each day is a very short read. I even used it to read to my infant and she paid attention, or at least I think she did. This is a great place to get started for someone who isn't in the habit of reading Bible Stories to their children. It is easily laid out, with the date and Bible reference. The story is small and easy to read. This would even be a great thing for an older sibling to read to a younger one and get some special time with them.

There are several artists involved in the illustrations. They are cute, and very contemporary. I loved the colorful designs and because they were small, there were several on each page. Usually one per story which made it more fun.

Miss a day, no problem, just jump back in on the day you are at. Many of the stories fly solo so you aren't jumping into the middle. And if you are, it is super easy to back track a day or two and read. These literally take 5 minutes at most.

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  1. My favorite story would be Noah's Ark.
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