Monday, September 28, 2015

Little Gestalten Publishing

Berlin-based children's book publisher Little Gestalten and their debut line of beautiful, high concept, totally unique picture books. Critically acclaimed, The New York Times Style Section says "Little Gestalten....marries thoughtful storytelling with supercool visuals."  

Issun Boshi: The One Inch Boy - This classic Japanese fairy tale tells the story of Issun Boshi, the tiny son of an old, long childless couple. His mother had longed to have a child for so many years that she finally added "even if it is a very small one" to her wish. When the elderly couple did in fact bear a son, he turned out to be only one inch high. He was thus called Issun Boshi, Japanese for one-inch boy. Tiny and brave -- these are the two most striking characteristics of Issun Boshi. Although his parents raised him very lovingly, Issun Boshi realized one day that he would not grow any taller. He then left his home to set off on a journey to find his place in the world.

Little Red Riding Hood - The New York Times Sunday Review describes this book the best -- "Even the classic “Little Red Riding Hood” seems new again in Little Gestalten’s version, with cutout images that can be held up to the light to cast shadows on the wall until it’s time to say, “My, what big, tired eyes you have."

Elsa and the Night - Elsa and the Night tells the story of an extraordinary friendship. Can one make friends with the night? One day Elsa is sitting at her kitchen table and suddenly hears a sound coming from under the sofa. When she investigates, she realizes that it's neither an animal nor a ghost. It's the night. The night not only listens to Elsa, but also accompanies her on a heartwarming and moving journey where it cares for her, protects her, and finally carries her through the town in its arms. 

The Zoo's Grand Opening - With this book, even the youngest children can playfully learn their ABCs, the names of animals, and how to count. This fun animal book tells the exciting story of a zoo preparing for its opening day. The head zookeeper, who guides young readers through its pages, is waiting anxiously for the animals to get there. Will they all be in their cages by the time the first visitors arrive?

Alphabetics: An Aesthetically Awesome Alliterated Alphabet Anthology - C is for cat? D is for dog? Not in this book! Here, Colossal Cornelius captures his companions with his camera and Daisy the diver dares a death-defying dip with dinosaurs. In Alphabetics, each of the alphabet’s twenty-six letters is depicted with an awesome alliteration—not to mention an illuminating illustration—that will captivate and stimulate young minds.  Although the lettered tales are meant to be humorous and fun, they also serve a commendable purpose. Complex words are introduced to expand children’s vocabularies and linguistic horizons. The book includes a glossary so that readers can look up any terms that are unfamiliar to them.

Beautiful publisher of hard back books for kids. I felt like I was back in my own childhood getting books from the library on field trip day. These books are superb quality, and unique in design.
I love the feel of books and strongly thing that children's books should be in a hard copy, not these kindle style books. It helps cement the excitement of turning the pages of a new book in their mind, and increases their love of reading and learning I think.

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