Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bible Stories Gone Crazy *Review

Bible Stories Gone Crazy!

Josh Edwards & Emiliano Migliardo 

Bible Stories Gone Crazy is a look at some familiar Bible stories with a few 'mistakes' thrown in. There are funny mistakes in each drawing and you can look up the Bible verse to try to find out what those mistakes are. You can also try to find a teddy bear on each page for more fun. 
The pages are laminated so you can circle the pictures with a dry erase marker and then try again later or pass it along to a sibling or friend. 
In addition to finding the mistakes and certain features asked on each page, there are questions that go along with it. 

Do you think Noah really painted the ark?
Did the Israe8lites really have surfboards?
Can you find 3 people sharing a sandwich?

The stories include 
Noah's Ark
David defeating Goliath
Daniel in the Lions den
Jesus Feeding the multitudes
A Man being lowered in to Jesus from Roof

This is geared for a younger age level, as the things to spy aren't that difficult. Pre-school through early elementary I would recommend. 
It was really fun to look over and do with my 7 year old and talk about how things were different back in Bible times. 

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