Monday, August 24, 2015

Off to College they Go...

We dropped our oldest off at Eater Kentucky University this past weekend. I feel truly blessed that we got 2 extra years with him as he chose to get his AA degree at our local community college. We had him for 2 years to continue to grow in his faith and with our family.
He is ready for the next adventure as he moved in to his dorm room, working toward his BA in Graphic Design.

 We are blessed that he is only just over an hour away so he will be home often. The next 2 weekends actually! See I am blessed. He loves his family and the little siblings so I figured he won't go long before coming home. He does know how to do laundry, but why bother if you can bring it home and eat great meals while he is here.

 My 18 year old also started school today. We are blessed that he is going to Eastern as well, but at a satellite  campus and is commuting . I don't think we will get 2 whole years out of him, but at least we are getting this sememster as he takes a few of his general eduation credits and saves a bit of money by living at home.

I need to get his picture as well!!

Here is to a great Fall semester to my 2 oldest!! May God continue to use them as a light for Him.

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  1. Super photos and best wishes to your college bound children!
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