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CursiveLogic #tos *review

CursiveLogic teaches cursive in hours, not months with their CursiveLogic Workbook.
CursiveLogic teaches cursive based on the nature of the script, rather than rote memorization. This makes it so much easier for people of all ages to learn cursive. 
I taught my older boys cursive through the random, rote memory of cursive as it was presented in their language arts books. My middle boys some how flew under the radar and never learned cursive! I took my 16 year old for his driver's learner permit and he couldn't even sign his name!! Eeeek..
I knew we needed to remedy this and get back on track. I was thrilled to try CursiveLogic. 

CursiveLogic works great for all ages. No cutesie little animals teaching the student how to write, just simple movements. I really can't see my 16 and 13 year old dealing with cutesie animals. My 13 year old worked on CursiveLogic and caught on very quickly. I really prefer this method of learning cursive than the arduous method we have used in the past.


Letters are grouped by shape: Four basic shapes make up the entire alphabet. CursiveLogic teaches all of the similar letters in one lesson, greatly simplifying the learning process. While they learn the stroke, they can learn each letter that has that stroke in it.

Letter strings gives the student the opportunity to write in cursive from the beginning. All of the letters in a common shape are taught together and are able to be connected.
Each string theme has a color code and a catch phrase to help the student remember it. This helps them say in their mind the letter that they will be working on, and an easy memory recall for them later.

It has been very helpful to be able to write real words from the beginning as we didn't have to wait to get through much of the alphabet to know enough letters to use. Just in the letters in the orange oval we can spell words like; god, cad, dog, go

The focus is on the lower case alphabet and your student will learn all of it in 4 lessons. There is also instructions for writing capital letters. This 96 page consumable book has tracing worksheets as well as places to practice their writing. I really loved how there was also three dry erase surfaces for additional practice.

By joining the newsletter at CursiveLogic you can also download more practice pages to print out and get by email. You can use the dry erase surface to practice these as well. 

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