Monday, July 27, 2015

All Around this World: Africa *Review

All Around this World  helps kids and their families explore various cultures through music.

From the Website
"The All Around This World Africa Double CD set featuring 32 of your favorite family-friendly African songs is now available for your purchasing pleasure. I mean, not just available like “you have to come to music class in Philadelphia to pick one up,” but available like, YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE! At this moment the physical CD is only available on the CD Baby website ($18.99 plus shipping) but very soon you’ll be able to buy it through Amazon and other online retailers. You can also buy either of the two CDs individually — West, Central and South, and North and East, as digital downloads ($9). 
Why buy a physical CD instead of just ordering digital downloads? I’m glad you asked! The double CD set comes with cool exclusive album art that includes perks like musician credits, lyrics, and a really cool little version of the AATW: Africa African musical map that shows you where the songs on the CD originated."

This is an awesome bonus! I love having the kids listen to a song and see exactly where it originated.

 All Around this World Africa takes a look at music from all regions of the continent. I love how it is divided up and the sounds are unique in each area. When we think of Africa we tend to lump it all together as one place. Each country is unique and distinct and the African music and instruments show that.

This is great for homeschoolers as well as in the classroom.We plan on studying a different country each month. We will hopefully hit on a couple countries in Africa, in different parts of the continent. We will definitely be utilizing Around the World Africa for our music!

The All Around This World Facebook page also features regular updates and cultural activity ideas relating to the music:

 Help make the world much smaller by supporting the “1000 Classroom Campaign” to launch “Explore Everywhere,” Around This World’s ambitious new global music and world cultures online learning program for kids and their families. “Explore Everywhere” will give kids ANYWHERE, from all economic backgrounds, unlimited online access to inspiring global music and engaging multicultural lessons that will help them open their minds, and their lives, to “the great out there.”

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