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JazzEdge Easy Piano Basics *Review

JazzEdge  Review

JazzEdge is familiar to us for when we reviewed HomeSchoolPiano last summer. We hadn't kept up with it like I had hoped and was excited to try out JazzEdge Easy Piano Basics 

The Easy Piano Basics started out very familiar to Shiloh, my 10 year old. She recalled some of the lessons from before, but they were great for recollection.
The beginning lessons include learning about the black and white keys, the names of the notes, finding middle C, and sitting properly.

Some other exercises were in:
Steps and Skips
Half and Whole Steps
Different Clefs
Pedals (which was hard for my littles to reach :) )

Towards the end of the lessons you get more into chords and rhythms. JazzEdge does an excellent job of really starting from the beginning. If you have had some lessons you will easily glide through the first group of lessons. If you have had a significant amount of lessons then you would want to check into JazzEdge other products. Adults can easily use this program, as he does not talk 'down' to the children. What better way to learn the piano than from the comfort of your own home.

There are 32 lessons available, and you have access to these lessons for life. I can utilize them with my young prodigy when she gets older!!

 We were able to use the Kindle for the recorded lessons, making it much easier for Shiloh to sit right at the piano, watch the lesson, and follow along. Our internet isn't the best, so we had some lag time, but not too bad. It was much easier than setting up the laptop.

I love how the lessons are set up to show what you need to learn from the video, how many minutes long it is, and what you should be reviewing before your next lesson.

After this lesson you can choose to go on to the next lesson by clicking the green Next Lesson arrow. Shiloh was able to progress through a couple each day as she had some familiarity with them.

JazzEdge  Review

There is downloadable sheet music to go with the lessons beginning in lesson 8.. There are 46 pages, and many of them you can just view online rather than needing to print them. They were basic and we chose not to print them once we looked over them.

I appreciated that Shiloh learned the basics of the piano, but also learned some music theory with the chords and how to read the staff. Sometimes those are left out because they are 'boring' to a kid. I find them super valuable because you can utilize that knowledge in a variety of musical instruments and come to grasp more of the science of music.

The lessons were very easy to understand. Shiloh did them on her own with the kindle and practices herself, I didn't have to do much to be involved. Another perk for this homeschool Mom.
She did have to remember where she left off so she could pick up again when we logged back in.

Additional products include PianoWithWillie and DrumsWithWillie.

The Crew reviewed Easy Piano Basics as well as the 2 programs with Willie. See what they thought of these programs by clicking on the banner below.

JazzEdge Review

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