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CTC Math Family Plan *Review #homeschool #hsreviews

CTCMath Review

CTC Math is a complete online math program from K through high school math including Algebra I & II, Pre-calculus, calculus, Geometry and Trigonometry. 
When you sign up for the 12 Month Family Plan you get unlimited access to each grade for your whole family. For $118.80 a year the CTC Math is an incredible deal! Home schoolers get a great deal at 60% off the normal price.

We reviewed this program a couple of years ago with my then K student and loved it. One of the favorite parts is that the instructor is Australian and has a wonderful accent to listen to!

Each of my students have a log in and it is completely online so we can use any of the computers. We even were able to utilize it on the kindle. This is a huge benefit when having a large family. We used the CTC Math with my 2nd, 4th, and Algebra for my 10th grader. We were familiar some with the younger grades and I still just love this program. I begin each section with the diagnostic test to give me a feel of what they already may know. Since we started on it toward the end of the school year, I wanted to be able to gauge which topics they may still need help in. After the diagnostic test I could see what topics to assign to them. 

Each lesson started with a video explaining the topic. I so need this in my math programs for the kids. If I have to take time to read the information to each of them, I will be spending my entire day doing math. If I expect them to read it to themselves, they will skip most of it. The video is detailed, interesting and easy to understand. Also available to rewatch if you need to. 
After the video for Algebra is the worksheet problems. 

I appreciate that they still have to work the problems and then find the answer in the key. If given multiple choice for each question, it gives too much chance for guessing rather than learning in my experience.
You can also enter your results on another screen, and see the answers. There is a lesson summary at the end as well.
Wonderful layout for Algebra. My 10th grader will be continuing it through the summer and we may try Algebra 11 after that.

Awards and reports lets you go back to see the results of the diagnostic tests which was helpful for me in assigning the next thing for him to work on.

My daughter started out in the 4th grade, quickly progressing through the diagnostic tests. I did like how it caught a few things here and there that she did need review on.

She could work fairly independently. My youngest still struggles with reading so I would often have to read the problems to him if they required reading. I don't expect to find a math program that I don't need to help a 1st grader with. I love that I can be basically hands off with the 4th and 10th grader though!

I get a weekly report sent to my email giving me updates on how the kids are doing. This is great for if you have older kids and allow them some independence, yet still want to check on their progress. 

Start a free trial today and see what the hubub is all about for yourself.
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CTCmath Review


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