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ARTistic Pursuits Curriculum for Creativity #review #hscrew TOS

ARTistic Pursuits Review

 I have a very right brain, creative 13 year old. He would spend the entire day creating if he were allowed. Forget Math and English, he rather do Art!
ARTistic Pursuits has been a wonderful curriculum for my middle schooler.

 Middle School 6-8, Book 1: The Elements of Art and Composition has given him fun in creativity but also an opportunity to learn about art history and techniques as well.

ARTistic Pursuits Review

I'm always leery to start an Art Curriculum, because though I am artistic to an extent, I am no art teacher. ARTistic Pursuits is perfect for those with no art experience. We were able to jump right into the book, without any prior use of previous books. I really was thankful for that!
It is suggested to do art twice per week for about an hour at a time, giving us a full school year of work in this one book. We typically got through one unit per week, which is 4 lessons.

The lessons are broken down into;
1. Building a visual vocabulary
2. Art Appreciation and Art History
3. Techniques
4. Application.

You will need specific supplies based on which ARTistic Pursuits book you utilize. The suggested supplies are noted at the front of the book. ARTistic Pursuits and others offer the complete package to buy the supplies which took the guesswork out of it for me. We went ahead an ordered a packaged kit for supplies and have kept them all together in a box with our curriculum. This way we will be ready for the end of the book when we use additional supplies. This book does not utilize color and is primarily using a variety of pencils for drawing.

There are 16 units with a variety of elements including; Line, Space, Texture, Balance, Shape and more. Dissecting each element to learn about and have a project with has helped to distinguish each individual element. Often we would take and combine elements in further lessons.

Each lesson requires a sketch which take 10-30 minutes to complete. Then you are asked to make a drawing utilizing the elements you have learned up to that point. This can take up to an hour.
My 13 year old tends toward working quicker so we didn't take nearly an hour in getting his drawings done.

I have really enjoyed watching my son grow in his love of art. I know he looks forward to it most in his day, and we tend to do it much more often than twice a week. Using it as a reward really works as well!

Loving Unit Studies I was able to take the art project we were working on and utilize some of the assignments to go along with it. We were learning about beavers and I suggested that he use a beaver for his thin and thick line drawing. We could easily seque into discussing art along with other parts of our day. That has been wonderful for us to incorporate other parts of our studies in with art. This has been a great way to help him 'learn' without really even realize that he is. Great for reluctant learners.

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ARTistic Pursuits Review

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