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Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office *Review #TOS #hsreview

HomeSchool Office Review

I an not an A personality, my letter falls much further into the alphabet. I was thrilled to try out  Lord Heritage and their program HomeSchool Office  in the hopes of bringing up my organization letter a little closer to an A! This program is perfect for homeschool families and for $79 a year. Complete support and updates for an entire year.

This program is completely online so there is no need to download anything. This is a plus in that you can access it from any computer, whether at home or away. That is great if your own personal internet is down and you need to run to the library to use it.

A very in depth and organized program, I was a bit overwhelmed as to where to start. I had hoped to use it for transcript recording but with a senior it meant going in and adding all of the classes thus far. I opted to utilize the program with the younger kids first, to get their information in and add kids as time allows.

Here is a screen shot of the homepage. You have tabs for:

Team is where I input my students. It also is where we add in any educators from outside classes, as well as keep track of our homeschool address and personal information. It is like your address book.

Plan is where the data is entered for each student and the subjects that they are learning. Below is a screen shot of my daughters basic school list this year. I do not work with hours, but you can see there is a place in input the requirement for that as well.

 Under the plan heading is the School Year Plan, Master Schedule, Projects and Budget. The Master Schedule is a great snapshot of your daily schedule. You can input the hours for each subject and student.

Order is where you can organize your calendar. You can look at specific days, and print out your monthly agenda. You can break the calendar down into day, week or month. The to do list is a great place to write the things you need to remember for the day. Very similar to a paper planner where you jot down notes, but now you won't lose track of your planner! The order screen is the hub of the teacher activity for planning.

The Evaluate section is where you input grades and attendance. I needed a place to keep track of attendance, one of the requirements in our state so this was helpful to have handy to print out when I need it. I don't do a lot with grades at the younger levels but I can see how this would be very beneficial when I can use it for my high school students.

Report is where you can sum up how the student is doing with quarterly report cards. This is also where you utilize the transcript information. I need to do some more data entry for this, but hope to start my 13 year old out early enough to be able to have in depth records going into his high school years.

The support center gives excellent walk thrus of where to get started and how to proceed through each section. This was very important to me as more of an 'un-planner'. There is an opportunity to ask questions directly as well.

My favorite part was the master schedule. I can see where each kid should be at a certain time, or at least in the order they should do things. I did manage to put some lesson numbers in, but with such a large family it was difficult for me to keep up with it. We typically just 'do the next page' in our books and that saves me having to write everything out. For those who love to schedule and plan, this program is awesome!

I liked how you can print the calendars and information out as well, so that you can work on planning your week, print it out and not have to do a lot of planning or checking the site much during your school days.

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HomeSchool Office Review

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