Saturday, January 17, 2015

We Sold the Farm! #WordoftheYear Testimony

Three years and 2 months. That is how long we have had our 35 acre farm and home on the market.
Back in 2011, the economy took a turn for the worse and my husband's paper company decided to shut down. We were so blessed to be able to secure a fantastic job in beautiful KY and moved early in 2012. We have been making trips to OH to the farm, basically monthly for the past 3 years to work on mowing the grass, sprucing up the farm land, finishing the entire basement of the house, and making the home more marketable. Sure there were many who loved it, but it was a difficult time for people to secure funds.

We waited on the Lord. There were those who suggested short sales, foreclosure and things like that. We didn't feel that was "God's best". We knew He had great plans for us and we simply needed to wait. His time is not the same as ours. To Him, three years is but a blink. It wasn't easy by any sense of the imagination.
God taught us some amazing things.
  • You don't NEED as much as you think you do
  • He will provide all of your Needs and many of your Wants.. we never went without our needs being met
  • Our trust in Him has grown immensely, as often He was who we had to turn to
  • Our budgeting skills have been honed in better than any financial program could beat
  • Our prayer life has vastly improved
  • We have been able to be witnesses, used by God as an example
I am sure there are more as well. We have stood firm in His word that He would provide. We are so thrilled to be closing on the farm this coming Friday. We have all of our paperwork finished and submitted, so for us the deal is done.

Why did it take 3 years? We may never know, but we know our Father in Heaven knows and has a specific plan and reason for it. It may not have had anything to do with us specifically, we may have just been a link in the chain for a different reason. I am glad we were able to be faithful to His plan and patiently wait for his fulfillment.
To Him be the Glory!

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  1. Through your comments as you waited, your commitment to not short sale and to wait on God was indeed a beautiful testimony. That your trust grew instead of it being three years filled with worry is evidence of your faithfulness in Him. I'm praising God with you for this answered prayer.

  2. Congratulations and so happy for you that it all worked out.
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  3. Congrats on the sale! I applaud that you give God the glory, and that you He always answers prayers. They may not be immediate but they do get answered. Your story is a testimony to that.