Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jesus Daily 365 Interactive Devotions *Review & Giveaway


Jesus Daily offers 365 daily devotions inspired by the Jesus Daily facebook page. Now captured in print for a year of devotion and refreshment.

I love utilizing daily devotion books, to have in a variety of strategic locations throughout the house. I use my Bible for first thing in the morning, but there are often times through out the day where I just need some more Jesus! Especially with a new baby, I am not as mobile to go searching for just the right word, or encouragement for the day. I love that this book is small and can just sit on the table right next to my chair in the living room, and I can easily turn to the date and read the excerpt. They aren't time consuming, yet are meaningful for encouragement.

Each devotion has a scripture verse written out, which I love that I don't have to look it up! Then there is a short devotion. After that is the interactive part of the book. The daily interaction has you connect what you have learned in a meaningful way. Some of these connections include, scanning blogs and websites you read and look for a need you can meet for the kingdom, offer to pray for someone online, make a list of the biggest milestones in your life and see how God has met you in each, and email and encourage someone who is struggling.
Putting hands and feet to God's word!

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