Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yuletide Ice Cube Fair Veggie Tales *Review

by Karen Poth
It's that wonderful time of year again---the Yuletide Ice Cube Fair! It's a time of festivity and fun as veggies gather to munch on snow cones, slurp down slushies, and ice skate on the frozen pond. But the greatest part of all is the Ice Cube Carving Contest! The veggies have been busy! They've carved Christmas feasts, trees, angels, and more. Each one is trying to outdo the other in an effort to win the grand prize! But the smallest of all these ice entries is a carving done by Junior Asparagus---a tiny stable with a shepherd on one knee. Kids will discover that it's not what's grand, or bigger, or best that's most important on Christmas---it's Jesus!
So thankful for great books that bring the meaning of Christmas back to the Christ Child! As I wrap a book each day of advent for the kids to read aloud together, I purpose to choose ones that showcase the true meaning. I loved the Yuletide Ice Cube Fair and the fun that the veggies have.
Junior, Larry, Mr. Lunt, Laura and others get in on the great ice carving contest, with 7 hours to create the winning sculpture. Reminds me of an ice festival we used to go to, where I was always drawn to the intricate designs of the ice carving. In this book, the winner is the one that keeps the trues spirit of Christmas!!

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