Friday, November 7, 2014

Ripley's Believe It or Not *Review #giftguide2014

If you haven't heard of Ripley's Believe it or Not.. you probably have been living in a cave and should be in the book yourself! Just kidding.. my children are fascinated with all things unique and original and Ripley's is definitely the place for that.

Sections in Reality Shock! include:
  • ANIMALS – meet real-life wolf-man Werner Freund, who lives with a pack of wolves and feeds them directly from his mouth
  • SPORTS – find out why the new British sport of bubble soccer is such a kick
  • BODY – you won’t believe how a 56-year-old grandma can function with 18-inch long fingernails; she hasn’t cut them in 20 years!
  • FEATS – Canadian Lonnie Bissonnette is like no other BASE jumper – he hurls himself off bridges in his wheelchair
  • ART – learn about one photographer’s “Snot Shots” – they certainly are something to sneeze at
  • FOOD – people at one festival dine on octopus – while it’s still alive!


These bizarre stories really entice reluctant readers to delve in. I love that I can get them excited about reading and learning.. even if it is with things that are a bit on the strange side. We have probably checked out every book put out by Ripley's at our local library.. numerous times.
I must admit that these stories are fun to read about. Some cute ones, some gory, some way over the top freaky.

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  1. Awesome! At our house, we have about five Ripley's paperbacks and love rereading them and visiting the museums on our travels. Thanks for sharing this. Neat.

  2. This looks like such an interesting book! I could spend all day looking at this!

  3. My grown boys used to read Ripleys all the time, two of them have even went to their Museums and my oldest son, still reads the books and is amazed by what is in them, his older daughter also loves the books, I enjoy parts of the books, but leave the gross food articles I do not like. Butr these Ripley books are those you can read a little then come back and read more, always a lot of different subjects covered.