Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ravensburger Toys with *Spy Tag & *Spiral Designer Review #giftguide2014

 Ages 5+
brief product description – A card-based board game, kids will take off on an exhilarating race to spot and tag the spies before time’s up! Players quickly draw spy cards and slap them on the matching agent cards laid out in front of their teammates in this super-fast-paced game. Anyone caught with a match when the timer goes off, draws from the secret pile to find out who is safe.
This game really is super faced paced. Easy enough to work with my 7 year old, yet fun enough for the entire family. Who doesn't like spy games? Always in style, this colorful game will entertain for hours

Spiral Designer
Ages 6+
Ravensburger expands its arts & crafts activities assortment with this new offering, Spiral Designer, which enables young artists to draw spiral designs or create combinations of different patterns. The possibilities are endless! Kids simply insert a sheet of paper between the drawing frame and templates and start designing! All they need to do is select one of the design discs and rotate it to create spectacular art.  They can even draw a mini-mandala in the middle for a special finishing touch!

This style of toy was my very favorite as a child. I would sit for hours with my colored pens, designing unique spirals and swirls for cards and artwork. I was so excited to review this for my own children. The art of coloring and drawing seems to get lost so easily with all of the technology of today's world, and the Spiral Designer helps to bring some of that back.

Ravensburger has been a strong supplier of puzzles and games since 1883. They provide quality and educational toys that my children have grown to love. Their products are top notch and innovative. We have continued to use their puzzles again and again and they are definitely the puzzle expert.
Additionally they have arts and craft supplies, and science kits to entertain and educate at the same time.

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