Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ragamuffin Farm Natural Skin Care Products *Review #giftguide2014

I had the privilege of meeting Sara and Kathryn from Ragamuffin Farm at a local craft fair. Their business truly is a family affair, with the kids getting involved and making soaps, lotions, lotion bars, and lip balms. Train them while they are young I figure!

And what better way to train than in naturally made products. I have an instant gratitude for those who make goat milk soap, having made it for years myself. I refuse to buy soap at the store ever again, and was so thankful to have found Ragamuffin Farm!

I purchased several bars from them, and she also gave me some for review. In addition I was able to try their goat milk lotion.. something that always intrigues me.

You can order from them online, and get this.. they even make local deliveries. Now that is service!
As a homeschool family, they are often on the go in Kentucky and may just be in your area. If not, they are happy to ship the items to you as well.

I tried our soap for several weeks before wanting to write the review. I really think longevity in a bar of soap is something to blog about, and the only way to find that out is, well, time!
Ragamuffin soaps are a nice, solid, hard bar of soap that will indeed last for a very long time!!

Made with a hot process, the soaps are ready to use just as soon as they are made. I used a cold process that made my soaps take 6 weeks to cure. The hot process is perfect for this booming business to keep the soap making going.

Not only does the bar last long, the fragrance does as well. I started with Patchouli, a scent you either really love, or really hate. I happen to really love it. Great smell with essential oils!
Additional scents include; Apple Cider, Bandits Blend, Baby Bar, Calm Down, Chocolate, Honey and Oat, Chocolate Mint, Lemon and Sage, Rosemary and Mint and many more!! Just the names scream NATURAL!!

Ragamuffin Farm soaps are just $1 per ounce approx. I find that to be an excellent price for natural, great quality, goat milk soaps.

Soaps are Palm Oil Free!!

Not a fan of goat milk? They also have a Hippie Bar that is vegan. Just as solid and hearty, without the goat milk addition.

The lotion is a nice, thick lotion that soaks in great and lasts for a long time. I never did quite figure out making lotions when I was living on the farm. I really love the softness that the goat milk gives. The lavender scent is just enough without being over bearing!
Be sure to check out the lotion and the other products Ragamuffin Farm makes!

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Be watching for a Ragamuffin Farm giveaway in January when we offer a look at things made in our home state!

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  1. I love handmade soaps. They make me enjoy washing my hands.

  2. I love trying new, natural soaps and these look fantastic. The Lemon and Sage scent sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing this great company- I'm hoping to try their soaps very soon. :)