Friday, November 21, 2014

44 Animals of the Bible *Review

Nancy Pelander Johnson
Illustrated by Lloyd R. Hight

One of the latest from Master Books, 44 Animals of the Bible gives your family a look at some of the great wonders found in the Bible. From Ants to Whales and everywhere in between, you can learn about each specific animal, along with a Bible reference of where that animal was found.
I think the number could have easily been doubled when I noticed some missing ones like the Donkey and Raven. Keeping the book to a reasonable size though, there is a good selection of animals included.

The illustrations are very helpful for animals we may not recognize as easily such as the pygarg or the gier.

It was fun for the kids to look up the Bible references for each animal, and even use our concordance to see if they are mentioned any other times. The Bible references are from the New King James version unless otherwise noted.

I did struggle with the Whale. It mentions the story of Jonah, and that he was swallowed by a whale, also known as a big fish. That was mentioned in the writing, but the quote from the scripture should read big fish, and instead it reads whale. I would have liked them to stay true to the scripture quote rather than inserting a different word, especially since it is not specifically noted that they changed the word in that passage. A small, perhaps insignificant thing to some I am sure, but just wanted to make note that you always want to check resources validity to that of the true word of God.

My kids are definitely animal lovers and they have really loved reading this book and discovering all of the animals that were around during Bible times, especially the ones that are still familiar today!

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  1. My mother bought us this book when my older children were little and they really enjoyed it.

  2. My children absolutely love books! They would love this! And I love that it has the bible references in it!

  3. What a neat book! My grandsons would love learning from this book!