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Three Tips to Keep in Mind When Picking Your Golf Clubs *ad

Three Tips to Keep in Mind When Picking Your Golf Clubs

Complementing your golf skills with a good set of clubs can help you shave some points off your score. But if youve ever stepped into a golf shop or taken a look at an online golf store, youve probably been blown away by the number and variety of clubs you can choose from. So with all the options out there, how do you go about finding the perfect fit? Here are three tips to remember when picking out a set of clubs, so that no matter where you play, be it Murray River golf resorts or St Andrews, youll be at your best.

1. Choose clubs that are the right size -- Even though some may say otherwise, the size and weight of your golf club is very important to improving your game. Golf manufacturers make golf clubs in different weights and sizes for a good reason: because different people require different feels to their clubs. Therefore, you should find out what type of club is most comfortable in your hands. Without a set that naturally complements your swing, youll see you game thrown off as you try to compensate for added weight or off-centeredness. Before you make a purchase, hold the club in your hands and see if you can make a few practice swings with it so that youre confident youre choosing the club that feels right to you.

2. Decide on a short driver -- When looking at drivers, you might be tempted to go with the biggest, baddest one you can find. Avoid that temptation, because although there are plenty of those options out there, tour pros usually go with a driver shaft size of about 44.5 inches. With a short driver, you should be able to hit the ball at a better angle, improving your drive. A longer driver can put you at the wrong angle behind the ball, messing up your shot. That said, if youre tall enough, you may want to consider those longer clubs. Again, you might want to try out your clubs before you buy them.

3. Leave out the 3 and 4 irons -- Why do with two clubs what you can do with one? You may not believe it, but over the past two decades, manufacturers have been tweaking their 3 and 4 irons for better drive and less loft. This is done so that they can say their clubs get better distance. So, if you want the right clubs to give you some loft behind your swing, look instead at getting a hybrid club.

You might have to spend quite some time finding the right set of clubs, but in the end, itll be worth it. Nothing beats being able to perfect your swing without having to worry about accounting for an uncomfortable club that is too big or weighty for you. An easier decision will be finding the right place to try out your new clubs, especially when looking for golf packages near Melbourne. Numurkah Golf and Bowls Club offers golf packages in Victoria so that you and your golfing partners can better enjoy your day of sport with nice golf trips on the Murray River. Find out more about Murray River golf tours by visiting

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