Sunday, October 19, 2014

Technical Difficulties

There are days I long to be Mennonite.. the carefree ways of my neighbors who do not have to deal with computers! I have recently had one laptop crash, and really have no clue how to fix it. The 2nd laptop we purchased for the boys for school is basically a lemon with anything internet related. At least it will run the basic Switched on Schoolhouse and Rosetta Stone languages programs since those are not computer based.

Do you know how tough it is to try to write a blog post on a Kindle?  Not easy.
What would life be like without the stress and torture of computers? Trying to remember back oh, 12 years, when I was anti computer, and didn't even have email. We got by. Used the library and books for school. Ordered from catalogs or at the actual store. Called people on the phone rather than seeing their 'status' on facebook or twitter.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of positives with the internet and computers. It sure makes blogging a lot easier.. Ok..well you can't blog at all without out. It makes research much easier. It opens a huge world of curriculum for the kids. It even allows one of my kids to take college classes from home.
Oh the frustration we endure to have this open world...

The only thing I can open on the laptop is the photos so I can at least back up the ones I haven't burned to disc yet. Then I am really not sure what I will do. It will not connect to the internet to download any kind of fix. Something is wrong with it's wifi connection I guess. A whole lot of who knows..

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and reflect on the important things. I am going to fire up the dinosaur PC and pray we can get some things done.  Otherwise I am going to play with the kids, take some nice fall walks (short ones of course since I get winded so fast), and start nesting for baby to come :)

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