Saturday, October 11, 2014

K'NEX Ultimate Building Sets! *Review

 I still remember buying our first K'NEX set for my now 19 year old. We have gathered many sets over the years, each holiday season adding more to our collection. I never tire of these great building toys for their creativity and innovation. The varying themes help spark more creativity for the kids as well. New ones for the season include TitanFall, Plants Vs. Zombies and Mario 3D World.

 35 Model Ultimate Building Set item #12418
 Let your imagination soar with the 35 Model Ultimate Building Set!  Includes instructions/ideas for 35 unique models like trucks, planes, creatures, robots, and more.  With 475 K'NEX rods and connectors the possibilities are endless!  Parts and built models can be stored in the convenient storage treasure chest.  Perfect for builders ages 7+.  Made in the U.S.A. Suggested Retail Price is $24.99.  Available at, and

This set is the backbone of K'NEX creativity. I love when I can set the kids up with a set like this and ask them to create. This style of set lends itself well to home school and working on projects. If we are studying a specific thing in school, I can ask the kids to create a K'NEX project to go along with it. There are several instructions in the book, but there is also a code for you to look online and unlock more building directions!

 Cat  Mario Building Set item #38635
Go on a brand new adventure with Cat Mario as he battles a Mouse!  Featuring K'NEX's all new jump disk and launcher that allow Mario to run and jump, like he does in the game.  Build Cat Mario use the moveable jump launcher to enter the course. Look out for a Mouse - he could smash you!  Defeat the mouse, then use the next jump launcher to reach the high platform and collect the spinning coins!  Make your way though the clear warp pip, then pop-up the goal flag and you've cleared the course!  Combine your Cat Mario building set with the rest of the K'NEX Super Mario building set line to take Mario on an even BIGGER adventure!  For ages 8+.  Suggested Retail Price is $34.99.  Available at and

My kids play Mario on their gaming systems A LOT! What fun to recreate what they are doing on the TV, in real life. I prefer the interaction of the real life, gives them more opportunity for imagination. I like how the Mario set gives them a springboard for creativity!

Titanfall Militia Pilot Attack Building Set item #69497
 Grow your army and establish the warzone with the K'NEX Titanfall Militia Pilot Attack Building Set!  Use the Militia Pilot included to battle the Spectre in one-on-one combat.  Includes 80+ pieces including a wrecked wall to recreate the features of the Titanfall game.  Combine with the IMC Pilot Strike Building Set to grow your K'NEX Titanfall collection.  For builders ages 8+.  Suggested Retail Price is $12.99.  Available at and

This is the perfect set for my older teen boys. They are still enjoying playing with K'NEX, but aren't really big into the theme sets geared for the younger kids. This gives them the chance to recreate Titanfall and combat each other in play.. without really looking like they are 'playing'!

 Plants vs. Zombies ConeMech Building Set item #53487
 Defeat the zombies and save your brains...with motorized the ConeMech Building Set from the Far Future level! This set includes 1 zombie figure plus a buildable ConeMech that walks with motorized action, just like in the game!  Battery-powered motor included plus easy to follow building instructions. For ages 7+.  Batteries not included.  Suggested Retail Price is $16.99.  Available at, and

Another video game themed set that brings the gaming to real life in this set. They can take what they do on their hand held devices and add some creativity and imagination into their play!

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