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Fortuigence Essay Writing *Review #TOS

Fortuigence Review
Fortuigence offers 4 online courses in writing. The course costs $57 and includes direct feedback from Ms. I. who has over 10 years of classroom experience. Best geared for students 12-18 years of age. We used the Essay Rock Star Personal Statement Essay for my 17 year old, Montana. The personal statement, or personal narrative is typically in the style that a college will ask for when you apply to their school. Their "tell me about yourself", style essay.

We have had some classes on writing your typical 5 paragraph essay, which would be similar to the course on Expository Essay. These style essays are explaining of a certain topic. When it comes to writing about himself, Montana was at a loss.

Fortuigence Review

The course begins with a basic introduction, a rubric of what is going to be expected, and having Montana send in a previous writing assignment to gauge his writing ability. In each lesson there is a link to the video to watch of Ms I, as she tells them about the process. There is also a pdf link to download examples. There are examples given for each part of the process.

After each course video there is an assignment. The assignment can be written in the actual course or you can attach a word document. After each assignment is sent in to Ms.  I, you wait and she will send you an email telling you to move on to the next lesson. It says you will hear back from her within 24 hours. We heard back quite quickly, I would say usually within 12 if not sooner.

We go on to learn how to come up with a main idea and supporting statements. How to free write the essay, letting your mind just write without worrying about spelling and grammar.

One thing I loved about this program was the access to the teacher. We had some trouble with writing the thesis statement for the personal narrative. We were able to send an email (or you can use the contact form within the course), and ask any questions you may have. We mentioned that the examples we were given didn't seem to apply to a personal narrative and she sent us another pdf link to look at. Montana was able to sent in his thoughts, and get feed back right away from Ms. I that was helpful to his brainstorming.

Another thing I liked about this course is it is not on a specific time schedule. He could work at his own pace, and when he had things come up that took him away from school, it didn't affect his 'attending class' at a certain time. As a home schooler we need the ability to work at our own pace.

There are 7 lessons in this course, and each one will vary in time it takes to complete, depending on how many revisions you need to make. We are currently on lesson 5 as Montana works on this beginning and closing paragraphs and rewriting the body of the essay. It is taking a little longer to get this done as he wants to really get it right as he will be using this essay for his college entrance application.

Here is a look at the 5 steps from the website that the student will learn about.

Step 1: Brainstorming - different activities are used for each type of essay assignment,

Step 2: Organization - main and supporting ideas are chosen and organized into an outline,

Step 3: Free Writing - here students write their first free written draft with attention focused not on grammar but on explaining their thoughts and ideas,

Step 4: Revision - students do major structural revision to their essays as well as craft a thesis statement, introduction and conclusion, and

Step 5: Editing - we review grammar, punctuation, spelling and mechanics issues in detail until a finished product is complete.

I have a 15 year old who struggles with basic writing skills and I am looking forward to trying this program out with him. We would go with the basic expository style essay.This will definitely be a program I utilize in the future with my other children who need help with writing. I personally as the home school teacher, need the help in teaching my children how to help. Just having another person to evaluate their writing and give feedback is invaluable.

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