Friday, October 31, 2014

Eluna Jewelry *Review #giftguide2014

I typically have to remove my earrings when I go to bed. The post will poke my head, or I get all tangled up in them. When I remove them each night before bed, I typically forget to put them back on in the morning. I desire to have a feminine look, despite nearing my 7th child. I thought I would try out the Small Niobium Reverse Hoop Earrings and wear them all night long. These earrings are so light weight, and so easy to wear! I didn't have any problems at all wearing them to bed. I slept all night without being 'poked' and I didn't even realize they were still in. My hair caught just a tiny bit on the hoop of course. With long hair any hoop is going to do that. These are some of the most comfortable, yet elegant earrings I have tried.

Sometimes simplicity is really more feminine to me. The Reverse Hoop Earrings are unique in that they come in through the back of your ear, and the bend in the earring is what keeps them in place, rather than a latch. They will not fall out unless they weave themselves completely back through your ear. I barely had them even move throughout the day. They are super secure.

Where nature and elegance meet simplicity is the theme of Eluna Jewelry and I just love it. She uses gemstones, glass, and precious metals to create jewelry from a nature perspective. You won't find any 'costume' style jewelry from Eluna. All of her pieces are simple, and can easily go with your every day, casual attire as well as your Sunday best.

April makes necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings in a simply fashion. She has been selling jewelry on Etsy since 2009.

Look at some of these gorgeous designs. ..



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