Wednesday, September 17, 2014

nibblr Snack Time! Get a Free Box! *Review

nibblr is a subscription service that delivers crave worth snacks to your front door! When you share your taste preferences, nibblr can choose from 75 different snack combinations to bring your four pre-portioned snacks to meet your desire.
 They have 7 different taste categories:
Fruit and Nut
Nuts for Nuts
Feel Good Sweets
Savory Sensations
Craveworthy Crisps
Delectable Veggies

A, B, C's Apples, Blueberries, Cranberries
Oh my Thai had cashews, raisins, coconut
Sassy Chicks where chile lime chickpeas

I really loved the ABC! I think for sure fruits would be in my list of favorites, along with fruit and nuts. I love the variety! I was sent just random selections as I hadn't filled out any preferences, and I truly got a taste for a variety of snacks. Some of these were really unique and I wasn't sure when I read them how I would like them, but they were really good. I enjoy chick peas, but wasn't sure about a chile, lime combo. Wonderful snack!

Your nibblr box can be delivered weekly, every two weeks or monthly for the duration of your choice. Such flexibility in what you want snack wise, as well as how often! Really a personable subscription of snacks!

Just a perfect size for a snack.. just don't be tempted to eat more than one at a time :) It will be hard!
Each box is only $5.99 with free shipping!

You can get your first subscription box FREE!
Just go to nibblr and click on subscribe. Enter this code below..
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  1. I homeschool my son & he is always asking for snacks. I may need to order these for him!!! :)