Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Adventure Bible Handbook : A Wild Ride Through the Bible *Review

Robin Schmitt and David Frees

The Adventure Bible Series has been an amazing contributor to my children's learning about the Word of God. They have all things Bible related in a fun, and easy to understand manner. This latest in our collection, The Adventure Bible Handbook has been perfect for my tween son. The Adventure guys are in comic book form! Now that is something I can always get him to read.
The book is divided down into key aspects and stories within the Bible. Beginning with The Garden of Eden and ending with Revelation.
In addition to the comic book characters, there are also real life photos of Biblical sites, and maps.
I love the indexes in the back as well where you can search the Handbook for various images, subjects, and scriptures.
This handbook makes diving deeper into scripture a fantastic adventure!

"Adventure Awaits! When an archaeologist on an expedition in the Holy Land disappears, his four children are willing to try anything to find him. Dragging his assistant along, they join an offbeat tour group run by two zany guides whose mission, it turns out, is to lead kids from all over the world on a life-changing quest for truth. Soon the group is visiting ancient cities, exploring important geographical sites, and traveling back in time to experience biblical events firsthand---with the help of some Really Smart Phones (RSPs), a bunch of camels, jet skis, ATVs, hang gliders, and other wacky modes of transportation. Along the way, the children look for clues to their father’s whereabouts and learn facts about ancient Bible times, the people, the culture, and witness important historical events, like the parting of the Red Sea, the building and filling of Noah’s ark, and the crucifixion of Jesus. As they continue searching and their father is not to be found, the kids are tempted to give up. But finishing this crazy tour may just be the key to finding their father---and learning what life is all about! The Adventure Bible Handbook is the newest addition to the Adventure Bible family of titles. The Adventure Bible is the #1 Bible for kids, packed with fun features that lead kids on an exciting journey through God’s Word and help build on their relationship with God. Visit www.AdventureBible.com for games and activities."

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Scripture and a Snapshot

Scripture and Snapshot

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Dear Parents of Young Girls.. Brave Girls Bible Stories

Dear Parents,
If you have a daughter, you know that the deepest desire of any parent’s heart is to see
her happy, confident, and most importantly, deeply aware of God’s love for her. For her
to know how courageous and strong she can be, and that God has a plan to use her life for

Strong, confident girls and women are making a splash in pop culture. From Disney’s
Merida in Brave to Veronica Roth’s Katniss in The Hunger Games, girls are taking their
place as the heroes of the story, and rightfully so!
Women have been a crucial part of God’s story for generations, and the Bible is full of
brave girls whom God used to make a difference. Ephesians 3:20 tells us, “With God’s
power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or think of.
To Him be the glory!”

We are overjoyed to tell you about a new brand making its debut this September that we
hope will speak these truths to your daughters’ hearts, Tommy Nelson’s Brave Girls!
Brave Girls Bible Stories, the first book from the new brand, will help girls grow in their
knowledge of the Bible and in their faith. Your daughters will get to know our Brave
Girls – Hope, Gracie, Glory, Faith, and Honor – five modern-day friends – as they
journey through the Bible together.

The girls are each very different, but they all love Jesus and love each other. Readers will
find parts of themselves in each of the five Brave Girls as they share their strengths –from
sports to fashion – and struggles, including making new friends and working through

As the Brave Girls narrate, readers will learn such valuable truths from more than thirty
women in the Bible who dared to follow God.

The Tommy Nelson Team

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Getting Healthy Never Looked so Good *ad

Getting Healthy Never Looked so Good

Despite the ability to wear makeup and seek other methods for looking more attractive, it’s best to seek health as a means for improving one’s aesthetic appearance. For instance, it’s better to get a good night’s rest and drink an adequate amount of water rather than relying on an eye solution to get rid of red eyes. Also, by seeking health, people can avoid costly measures to look better.

Health and beauty are virtually synonymous. People view a woman as attractive when she has good health. Since vitamins are necessary for health, taking vitamins helps to improve beauty naturally. It’s time to start getting healthier and take vitamins. The body requires the right amount of vitamins to function properly. Besides other measures to remain and improve health, vitamins are a necessary component to health. The body cannot function if it does not have enough vitamins. For instance, skin and hair need vitamins A and E to grow.

Sleep is one of the best things a person can do to improve their health. Sleep helps to rest the brain and work out all of the information it took in from the day. Without adequate sleep, the brain cannot sort out and process information in much the same way a computer processes files, and a person will experience brain fog the following day. The body needs adequate rest to repair itself. The process of aging occurs when the body can no longer repair itself as it once did. By skipping sleep, the body progressively ages rapidly—before its time.

Another thing that helps people to remain and improve health is to drink an adequate amount of water. While vitamins and other nutrients are necessary for the body, it’s water that helps the body to transport these vitamins and perform necessary cell function. The lungs, brain, skin, eyes and all other vital parts of the body are made up of mostly water. For example, the blood becomes thick and sluggish, and the brain can shrink in size without an adequate amount of water. It is advisable that a person drink half their body weight in ounces of water, as opposed to the recommended 64 ounces in a day.

By implementing the few tips above, people can expect to have more energy, clearer thinking, less wrinkles, clearer skin, better digestion, vibrant and softer skin, healthier hair, healthier nails, brighter eyes and many other benefits.

*This has been a sponsored post

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God's Little Princess Holy Bible *Review & Giveaway

If you have little girls you probably have heard of Gigi by Shelia Walsh. A darling little girl who is a princess of God. Now little girls can share in God's word with Gigi in this new God's Little Princess Holy Bible. In NKJV, this is perfect for my 10 year old as this is the version we utilize at church. She is getting to the age where she wants to follow along and it is much easier when we are on the 'same page' literally with the message being preached. What a beautiful Bible!!

The bestselling God’s Little Princess® brand is paired with the trustworthy NKJV  in the first truly themed princess bible inside and out for girls ages 6 to 10!
Princesses everywhere will enjoy having their first full Bible from Sheila Walsh’s popular God’s Little Princess® brand, which has sold over 1.3 million units. The accurate and reliable New King James Version® text is highlighted with 288 pages of articles that help a princess grow into the young woman God created her to be!
Featured Article tracks included in this Bible from Genesis to Revelation are:
  • Bible Basics (Bible Jewels)
  • Regal Relationships
  • Royal Heroes
  • Kingdom Living
  • Kingdom Highlights
  • Going Deeper, A Princess Heart Study:*Super Special Sheila Section* a 13 week Bible study that features key topics of the Bible and what they mean for your “Princess Life.” Each week is a four-page section and will be set in the center of the Bible as a special section for girls and parents to learn from and enjoy. This is the first children’s Bible that includes many helps and a 13 week independent in-depth Bible study
Trim Size: 8.375 x 8.375

The perfect princess style Bible for your little Princess! There is nothing more exciting than seeing your young one digging into the Word of God on their own!

Enter to win God's Little Princess Holy Bible
US Only
Ends Oct 13th

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Pin Pal Kids Backpack Charms *Review

"Pin Pals are a collection of fun enamel alphabet pins created by kids for kids. They are inspired by the ideas and drawings of sisters Ava and Alexis Ehrlich - 10 and 8 years old. (With an assist from some very talented illustrators). These high-quality pins come in a variety of imaginative designs that take the shapes of the letters of the alphabet.   Pin Pals are the perfect collectibles for boys and girls ages 6 and up. Each Pin Pal is a character whose hobbies, likes, and dislikes are described in a silly personality profile that comes on a trading card with every pin. From Arnold Alien, whose favorite food is Moon Pies, to Zed Zombie, whose biggest fear is Vegetarians you'll love collecting them all. Pin Pals will allow a kid’s imagination to run from A to Z, and everywhere in between.  Plus, kids often learn best when learning is fun.  And with Pin Pals, parents can have a laugh too! "

From A to Z you can pick your favorite character and pin it on your back pack! These work great for bags, hats, t shirts and more. 2 characters in each letter for more versatility for boys and girls.
What is your favorite Pin Pal??

I received Fred Fire Dragon (F), and Victor Voodoo (V) for review.
These are fairly small in size and not intended for children under 6 years of age. You can see from the above photo about the size they come. Very detailed for such a small pin!! With the holiday season drawing near, these would be great stocking stuffer gifts! Get a pin with the first initial of your special child, or even their entire named spelled out in pins!

It would be so cool if a child could create their own design and have the pin made! Maybe a future idea?

Be sure to find Pin Pals on these social media sites:
Facebook Pin Pals

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Krusteaz Breakfast for Dinner *Review & Giveaway

In a national survey, Krusteaz found that nine out of ten (91 percent) Americans say they eat breakfast for dinner, with 56 percent doing so once a month or more often. For families, the trend is even more prevalent as 67 percent of respondents with children in the household say they have breakfast for dinner once a month or more.

A variety of factors contribute to the rising popularity of breakfast for dinner, with the main appeal being ease of preparation versus a traditional dinner meal (43 percent).  For families especially, it’s also “a fun way to break up the monotony of weekly dinner night” cited by 44 percent.

 While I was growing up, we tended toward having breakfast for dinner at least once a week. I think for one it is more economic for families. I know for my family, breakfast is one of those very favorite meals. We often just have cereal for breakfast before we kick off our home school day, not having time to make a nice big breakfast. It is much loved when we can have a fun fulfilling Breakfast Night for dinner!!
The Krusteaz pancakes fluff up so beautifully!! We tried the blueberry mix first and they were simply heavenly!

I always have willing helpers when it comes to making Breakfast Night. They enjoy making the pancakes and helping with the side dishes.

Even Dad loves Breakfast Night! Pancakes, muffins and sausage for a fulfilling meal.


Giveaway includes Krusteaz mixes: Buttermilk Pancake Mix (1), Blueberry Pancake Mix (1), Belgian Waffle Mix (1) and Wild Blueberry Muffin Mix (1) as well as Krusteaz coupons for free product.

US Only
Ends October 11

    Instagram: http://instagram.com/krusteaz

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Switched on Schoolhouse by Alpha Omega Publications *Review

Alpha Omega Publications Homeschool Division has been a blessing for us for many years. We started using Switched-On Schoolhouse when my oldest (who is now 19) was in the 8th grade. We have used it off and on since that time, depending on the needs of my children. When I had little ones learning to read, and older ones needing advanced skills.. SOS was our 'go to'.

Easy to install on your computer. You do not need to have internet access to use it, though sometimes there will be links to internet sites for further learning. I choose to not have that distraction of internet capability for them. I can easily set up a custom schedule for them, allowing for vacation days and field trips. The rest of the curriculum is then assigned on a daily basis and the student knows exactly what is required of him.
I can easily adjust the grading scale to reflect our homeschool. Also there are options for how many chances my student gets on each answer as well as spelling penalties. I can log into my teacher account and see exactly what my son has been working on and what he may need help with.

We chose to use SOS for their electives this year. He has a great interest in Computers and I thought we would use a couple of the semester long electives for his 10th grade year. We started with SOS Fundamentals of Computer Systems for review.

"Learn to configure computer settings, install programs, and troubleshoot errors while studying operating systems and computer security with SOS Fundamentals of Computer Systems. This six unit CTE course livens up lessons and clarifies concepts with vivid graphics, videos clips, audio files, animation, and learning games for students in grades 9-12."

 Check here for system requirements

Some bullet points that I really love about SOS
  • Ease for the teacher
  • Consistency for the student
  • Organization for the student & teacher
  • Biblically sound teaching
  • Many electives to choose from
  • Huge array of grades available
  • Reusable for many children

We are blessed to bring you an amazing giveaway from Alpha Omega Publications Homeschool Division. The winner will receive one subject from each of the main product lines plus a $50 Amazon gift card. That could be a retail value of $450!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

30% discount for Military Families

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The New Astronomy Book Wonders of Creation *Review

 We are always looking for quality homeschool science books, and Wonders of Creation has long bee a favorite. We were using the Ecology book this semester for my kids. The Astronomy one is set up very similarly, making it easy for me to know how best to utilize it with the kids.

 The New Astronomy Book from Master Books is no exception to the great products that come from Master Books!
I have not seen the 'old' version of the book, but let me tell you, this 'new' version is outstanding.
From Master Books...

"The universe is an amazing declaration of the glory and power of God! Beautiful and breathtaking in its scale, the vast expanse of the universe is one that we struggle to study, understand, or even comprehend in terms of its purpose and size. Now take an incredible look at the mysteries and marvels of space in The New Astronomy Book!

  • Discover the best ways to observe the heavens, along with up-to-date astronomical data and concepts
  • Learn about the dynamics of planets, stars, galaxies, and models for the cosmology of the universe
  • What we know and are still trying to discover about planets, moons, and comets within our own solar system.
If you watch the stars at night, you will see how they change. This speaks to the enormity and intricacy of design in the universe. While the stars appear timeless, they instead reflect an all–powerful Creator who speaks of them in the Bible. Many ancient pagan cultures taught that the changing stars caused the seasons to change, but unlike these pagan teachings, the Book of Job gives credit to God for both changing stars and seasons (Job 38:31-33). When Job looked at Orion, he saw about what we see today, even though he may have lived as much as 4,000 years ago.
Includes a 24-inch, full-color, pull-out poster!"

As a homeschool mom I find it vital that each of the subjects we learn, point us back to our Creator. It is so easy to get 'sucked' into the ways of the world, and to let other models of science creep in on your learning. Gazing at the stars, we know for sure that our Creator lives and has done awesome things. I love how this book brings us back to our Creator and the awe of Him!

I love how we can utilize this Astronomy book on several levels of learning. Developed with three skill levels in mind, the pages are color coded in blocks to represent the various learning levels. Level one is in an off white background and is geared for the basic, early learner.  Level two is on purple and is developing deeper learning for the middle level aged children. . Level three is on a blue gridded background and is for the more advanced student, inspiring additional learning and research. 

As we did for the Ecology book, we downloaded the Study Guide to go along with our study. This just made it easier for me as the teacher to divide the book up into days and organize a little better what we would be studying.

Join the Moms of Master Books for a Facebook Party on Sept 30th 7 pm, to talk about The New Astronomy Book. Link to the party coming soon. Be sure to stop HERE to see all of our reviews.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Hess Announces Special Collector’s Edition Toy Truck

NEW YORK (September 23, 2014) – In honor of the Hess Toy Truck’s 50th anniversary, Hess Corporation is releasing the first-ever Collector’s Edition Hess Toy Truck, an individually numbered tanker truck with a replica of the original 1964 tanker trailer inside. The Collector’s Edition, which is limited, will be sold exclusively online at www.hesstoytruck.com starting October 2 for $45.99 – with Energizer® batteries and free shipping.
The Collector’s Edition will feature a green tanker truck with chrome detailing and yellow and red accents in a commemorative display box. The truck will include more than 100 working lights and a hinged back door that will give access to the 1964 replica.
In addition to the Collector’s Edition Hess Toy Truck, the 50th Anniversary Hess Holiday Toy Truck, which officially marks the major milestone of the collection, will be available to pre-order online starting October 2 at www.hesstoytruck.com. It will go on sale at participating Hess, Hess Express and WilcoHess retail stores starting November 14 for $29.99 – with Energizer® batteries and free shipping for online orders.

In addition to the two toy trucks, the Hess Toy Truck is a finalist for the National Toy Hall of Fame, which was announced this week. The toy truck could be inducted this year into its prestigious halls, located at The Strong museum in Rochester, NY, where Hess will launch its 7-week Hess Toy Truck Mobile Museum tour November 1.

For the latest details about the toy trucks and the 50th anniversary celebration, please visit http://www.hesstoytruck.com.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Win $100 from Mam for your Pregnancy Brain Story #Preggobrain

Pregnancy brain and/or mommy brain affect the best of us. Whether you have exasperatedly complained to your friend who you are on the phone with that you have NO IDEA where your phone is, left your keys in the fridge, or tried to brush your teeth with diaper ointment cream, we all have our stories. What’s yours? 

Share and you could win a $100 gift card to the baby store of your choosing from our friends at MAM USA! http://mamb.by/preggobrain
Hurry, contest ends 9/30!

 I just today wrote a check out with the year 72!! Are you kidding me. Now my birthday is in 3 days so the date did remotely look similar to my bday, but really??

I definitely will be entering, I am sure I could come up with a daily story.

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From You To Me Gift Journals *Review & Giveaway

Gift Journals and Memory Books 

I absolutely love the Bump to Birthday journal where I can connect with my little one while I am waiting for her to grow in my womb. This is a fantastic keepsake that chronicles information on Dad and Mom, and how they felt when they first found out about the little one. The first trimester recordings start at week 9, about the time you would have your first appointment. There are 2 pages per week to write "A bit about you", " A bit about me", "What we have been doing", and room for a photo. I am horrible about printing out photos, let alone taking many with this being my 7th baby, but for those newbies who take a weekly photo, this is a perfect spot to put it!

The last fourth of the book is geared toward baby after arrival! I really like that this journal is unisex in nature so you don't have to wait until you know the sex of the baby to use it. Room for the labor story, news at the time, and footprints. The sections are then broken down with the first month, and additional firsts like Christmas and Thanksgiving. It then has a few pages to record special events and ends with first birthday. The baby section wasn't as large as I would have liked it. You will probably want to get some of the firsts in this one, and the switch over to an official 'baby book' to be able to record each  month's events.

Another book From You to Me is the guest book. This comes in pink, blue and green for unisex. Several pages labeled Dear Baby for guests to jot a note to the new little one. This is great for baby showers or after little one's arrival. Have special guests write a personal note to your little one, something they will treasure for a life time. What a great place to record family's thoughts on the new little guy or gal, and even add to it later.
Great for messages of wisdom, favorite scriptures, personal thoughts that will long grow with the baby.

Two great books From You to Me to share with those expectant Mama's on your shopping list!!

I was given a blue Dear Baby Guest Book for review, and since have found out I am expecting a girl.

I thought I would offer this copy to my readers as a thanks for following along in my blogging journey and spending some time checking out From You to Me!

US Only
Ends October 7th

Be sure to find them on these social media sites.

Twitter @fromyoutome
Facebook from you to me
Pinterest fromyoutome

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Accepting Bloggers 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

Bloggers 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Sign Up

Bloggers sign up Today to get listed on the "2014 Holiday Gift Guide" that will roll out full force Oct 25 thru Dec 25, 2014 . Many bloggers will be participating so its going to be huge !
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** Does My Blog have to be a Big Blog **
NO - this is the great part, any size blog , any nitch is welcome. The only restriction we have is , your blog can not have pornograph
ic material on it. If it does - Do not sign up - we are Family Friendly ! ** Where will my Link to my Blog Be Seen **
We will have a page specific listing " PR Friendly Bloggers " on the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Web Site - Visible to all on the landing page and other guide pages. Your Link will be linked to your blog or media kit page ( your choice). This Gift guide will be promoted by many bloggers, as well as the businesses on their sites and social media too during the 2 months. Also we may even feature YOUR Blog in our Special Mailings from time to time.
** Perks **
  • PR Marketers for Businesses See Your Page - These are the people who Hire Bloggers to promote Products for reviews, sponsor posts, ambassador programs, etc- all year long !
  • There will be special giveaway promotions during this time , Fun Secret Santa for Bloggers Only. ++
** HOW DO I SIGN MY BLOG UP** Click HERE to Sign UP Today !

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