Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little Critter Board Books *Review & Giveaway

 Little Critters books have been a long time favorite of mine, even as a young child! Mercer Mayer began creating in 1975 and the books have touched generations of children. We have quite a collection of paperback books that we read until they wear out. Now we are adding new board books of Little Critters from Tommy Nelson with a faith based storyline. Perfect to share with toddlers!
Geared for ages 4-7 these books come in both soft cover and board book. 

In Being Thankful, Little Critter isn't getting anything he wants. Gator gets cool brand-new sneakers, while Little Critter is stuck with his boring blue ones. Tiger’s dad has a boat—but not Little Critter’s dad. And even at the ice cream shop, Little Critter can’t enjoy his chocolate ice cream cone because he would rather have a huge ice cream sundae instead. But on a trip to the farm, Grandma shows Little Critter why thankfulness is so important and helps make any situation seem so much happier.
Based on Psalm 107:1this book will show children what gratitude is and why we should be thankful for all of the blessings God has given us.

Can't we all use a book where we need reminded to be Thankful! In a world where we have so much, this is an excellent reminder for reader and listener.

In We All Need Forgiveness, Little Critter is glad he has such nice friends who forgive him when he makes mistakes. But when one of his friends accidentally does something that affects him, Little Critter gets upset and stays angry at his friend for a while. But Little Critter’s pals teach him that saying “it’s okay” helps the person who acted up—and it helps him feel better much sooner.
 Just like Mama says, “As God forgives, we must forgive each other.” Based on Matthew 6:14, Little Critter learns why forgiveness helps heal the one who does the forgiving just as much as the one who needs forgiveness.

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  1. I remember reading when I was a kid and actually still have a book or two left!

  2. I remember dr seuss books and yes I am familiar with little critter

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  3. I remember reading Little Critter books when I was little. I also remember Berenstein Bears books

  4. I really like Little Critter books, and like the Berenstein Bears I had to buy new ones for my kids. I think my favorite were with his family stories.

  5. I'm familiar with Little Critters but I don't remember any stories from my own childhood.

  6. My daughter loves Little Critter stories. We have several of the books. She especially likes "Just Go to Bed" and "I Didn't Know That." I like how each book has the little pets or bugs on each page. -Audra O'Hara

  7. I remember them when I was little and always loved Just go to Bed

  8. Yes I am familiar with them and I loved them as a child and I know my children will too!

  9. My children LOVE Little Critters!!! I recently read "I Was So Mad" to my son! My mom just bought both my kids Little Critter stuffed dolls :)