Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to Make a Wet Bag for Cloth Diapering

I found this great youtube video online to share with you on how to make a Wet Bag. I figured I would include it and also some photos of my work in progress!

 You will need:
2 pieces of cotton fabric cut 13 by 16
2 pieces of PUL cut 13 by 16
14 inch zipper
polyester thread

I followed the size given in the instructional video, you can adjust your size by cutting your fabric smaller or larger depending on the size you would like your bag. I thought the size given was good for a larger diaper bag. I think I may make one just a bit smaller for those quick trips where we only may need to put one diaper in a smaller bag.

 Just around 9 minutes she leaves out quite a bit so I thought I would clarify. You are going to sew entirely around the cotton fabric, on all three sides to hold them together. Then you will sew the PUL sides together, just the sides per her instruction. I chose to sew the side, and around the corner to the bottom about 2 inches. Back up and stop my stitch, cut it, and then leave about a 6 inch gap. Then I restarted along the bottom, turning the next corner and up the side. I prefer that method for bags because when you get to finishing off the PUL, you already have a good start at it being sewn together and it is easier to just top stitch it then and sew up the 6 inch gap. She sews her method at 10:35 minutes.

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1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I just bookmarked this for help. I bought the PUL and the zipper and have been dragging my feet making one of these. Thanks!!