Tuesday, August 12, 2014

God's Love in My Heart *Review & Giveaway

God's Love in My Heart is a darling board book geared for 0-3 year olds. Follow the bunny family as they realize the great love God has for them.

"God’s love is amazing. It’s higher than the trees, more vibrant than a rainbow, bright enough to light up a dark sky—and so much more! In this sweet book, children will be reminded of how truly all-encompassing God’s love is and discover how His love can help us do the seemingly impossible.  Using fun rhymes, this board book features adorable, illustrated bunnies who learn that with God’s love, they can do anything."

The padded board book makes it soft and easy to look at for even the real young book lovers. With our new baby coming I have been recollecting board books to read to her while she is very young. We gave away many of our little ones style books as our older kids outgrew them. I was excited about the bunnies and their search for God's love. It is in so many things and what better way to share that with our young learners than through colorful illustrations and rhyme.

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  1. I read to my kids before they were born and almost every night since.

  2. I read to them from the very beginning. I love reading and it's so good for your babies.

  3. I was reading to them since before they were born/since I met them and they are 11, 9, 5,4,1.

  4. They were babies when I started to read to them.

  5. I want to get this book for my daughter!