Saturday, August 2, 2014

12th Grade Curriculum Line Up

 Working on graduating our 2nd oldest this next year. We have a full line up for his 12th grade year!
He actually doesn't need as many credits as we have listed here, but there were a couple of classes he wanted to take anyhow. Doesn't hurt to have a few more credits in High School I figure!

I am looking into getting a lesson plan for this to help us stay on track. Also I will need to get the supplies needed for the experiments.

Montana really enjoyed Rosetta Stone. We had tried other programs and this one just seemed to click better for him. 

 Saxon Geometry along with Dive CD

Saxon of course if very familiar, and we continue to use it  in our highschool. I rely on the Dive CD's for that extra teaching and instruction by an actual teacher. This helps me to be able to not have to relearn the higher math for one, and also gives Montana the opportunity to work at his own pace rather than waiting on me to teach anything.

 Lightening Literature Christian Authors Hewitt

 I highly recommend the Lightening Literature series for your upper highschool student. This is a remarkable study that will get them well equipped for their first year of college English.
Read my review HERE .

This particular Notgrass history is geared for middle school. I however in reviewing it and using it with my 9th grader found it very interesting and thorough in study. I am utilizing it this year for Montana as well and adding additional go-alongs for him to dive a bit deeper into the subjects that interest him most. Notgrass does an excellent job with history. Read my review HERE 

Additional go alongs for American History

Ancient Literature

This is an online study utilizing the Bible. We reviewed this program (read about it here) and Montana really enjoyed it and wanted to keep it for school this year.
Read my review HERE

He is doing more credits than he needs, but really he needed everything other than 2 language arts courses. He is going to be busy this year.
Add in basketball and guitar and we won't be seeming very much of him!

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  1. Congrats on your second graduation. It's hard to home school in high school. America the Beautiful is a great lesson. I will have to check into the literature series. Good luck to you.