Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Raffi is Back with "Love Bug" *Review & Giveaway

 Raffi is back with his first new CD in 12 years!!
His hair may have gotten a little bit grayer, but Raffi still has that distinctly folk style sound to his CD that my boys have grown up listening to!
We had to dig out our old Raffi CD's to introduce to the younger siblings in the family. They knew a few of the songs from our repertoire of hits we love to sing.
The Love Bug CD was well worth the wait. The title song is probably my favorite!

Raffi has a way of bringing his love of nature into his songs from the Doggone Woods to the Water in the Well songs. I love the natural aspect of his songs that resonate with children everywhere. 
 I need to memorize Mama Loves it, which talks about Mama loving it when the children help her with the chores! I can use that catchy tune as a reminder to them to help me! I think my 6 year old will memorize To the Park which begs of Mama and Papa to take him to the park to play.

Songs on the CD include:
Love Bug
Doggone Woods
Mama Loves it
Free to Play
In the Real World
Water in the Well
On Hockey Days
Seeing the Heart
Cool Down Reggae
Magic Wand
Wind Chimes
To the Park
Pete's Banjo
This Land is Your Land
Blue White Planet
Turn the World Around

Enter to win this fantastic new CD!!
US only
Ends 7/30/14

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Twitter @Raffi-RC

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  1. I like the love bug song. its very cute and unlike any children songs ive heard.

  2. Mama Loves It ♥ sticks in your heart ♥

  3. We love shake your wiggles out! Can't wait to hear the new CD!

  4. I've never heard Raffi. I bet I'd like Free to Play though.