Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Orange Glad Sweet Box Subscription *Review

My treats got here just before my trip to Florida. Good thing or my family would have eaten them all! I got some good tastes in and photos before I left, sorry about the delay in sharing them with you. It is worth the wait.

Firstly let me say I love the way the Orange Glad box comes displayed. Each item is labeled, comes in a cute bag with a tie. There is nothing haphazard about how it is assembled and I appreciate the time taken to make the initial presentation look wonderful! Taste isn't everything you know.

The Cravory
Rip Van Wafels
Fine Sconehenge Baking Co
Lily's Bakery Shop

This Salted Caramel Cream cookie was delectable! Perfect size (though I could have eaten a few of them). Great taste and very moist cookie. It didn't fall apart when biting into it. Each bite was full of vanilla chips and salted caramel flavor. Excellent gourmet cookie from The Cravory.

Chery's Buttercream Summer Cookie was a frosted cut out cookie that melts in your mouth. Just the right amount of moisture, yet thick enough to with hold. It did have a crack in it due to shifting in transit. Not sure other than bubble wrap how to secure these delicate cookies.

Lily's Bakery Shop sent a Hamantashen which is a Yiddish word that mans "Hamen's pockets". This jelly filled dessert is often eaten during the Jewish holiday of Purim which commemorate how Jews escaped Hamen's dastardly plans. This reminded me of our 'thumbprint' style cookies multiplied. So much more jelly filled inside. The nice moist, buttery outside triangle lends itself well to the not overly sweet jelly filling. I loved the history behind this, something unique to share with the family!

The Luscious Lemon Bar from Fine Sconehenge Baking Co, has a light lemon flavor on top of a shortbread crust. I enjoyed it, but would have liked to have more lemon flavor. When I picture lemon treats I personally love having them bite me with lemon flavor. Just a hint more would have been perfect.

The last one in this box was the Rip Van Wafels with is a traditional Amsterdam
Wafel. These are great for dipping in a hot drink. The wafel has a sugar layer inside that melts when you put it in the hot drink making it more flavorful.

You do not want to miss out on these fantastic gourmet subscription boxes! Sign up now for the next box. Watch for my July Box review coming real soon!

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