Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jam on Rye by Randy Kaplan *Review #kids

 Randy Kaplan's lated CD isn't just for Kids. Jam on Rye works for the entire family, some of the songs being a bit more meaningful to adults actually :)

Really enjoyed some of the more unique musical instruments in this lineup.Several of the songs had a nice bluegrass style feel to them with the banjo and harmonica as well as the mandolin and banjola.
Super array of sound!

I wish they would have started with a different song than Burpity Burp Burp Burp. My 9 and 6 year old were listening to it with me and they just didn't get that song at all. They don't have a younger sibling yet and it really was not meaningful to them. They also didn't get "Ode to a Shower Door", wondering why someone would sing about a shower door. That was just the originality of Randy Kaplan and I imagine some kids would 'get it' better than mine did.. who happen to have a bathtub rather than a shower door!

Original works include
1. Burpity Burp Burp Burp
2. Jam on Rye
3. Hockey Puck
4. Virginia, Vega and I
5. Don't fill up on Chips
6. Nagasaki
9. Crew Cut
10. Slow Motion Mom
11. Slow Eater
12. Everybody Farts
13. Follow your Nose
14. So funny I forgot to Laugh
15. Time to Dream
16. Goodnight, My Someone

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  1. This does sound amusing! I do like bluegrass sounding music however so it probably would make me happy and my little kids too.