Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Light n' Go Bonfire *Review

The Light n’ Go Bonfire is a unique product for a variety of interests including camping, entertaining, d├ęcor, RVing, tailgating, etc. Don't have room in your yard for a fire pit, or access to firewood? This product is great for those time when you want to have a bonfire but your living arrangements don't allow you to do it naturally.

Made of beautiful white birch, the Light n’ Go Bonfire looks great for entertaining, even when its not lit.  The Light n’ Go Bonfire is a great alternative to firewood and manufactured firelogs and takes the guesswork out of setting up a fire.  

The Light ' Go Bonfire has a wick in the center that is suppossed to be easy to light. Not sure if it was due to wind, or not but ours took some effort to light. We tried a lighter, tried putting additional paper with it to light and were not successful. Finally the good ole blow torch did the job and it took right off.

The Light n’ Go Bonfire also contains a handle for go-anywhere portability and can be burned virtually anywhere including your fireplace, chimney or fire pit.  It is also 100 percent natural, chemical-free and safe to cook over. This was a concern of ours as we did roast hot dogs and marshmallows over it. I did not have any interest in cooking my food over a chemical laden product.

The hot dogs and marshmallows cooked quickly. The marshmallows actually caught on fire the first go round so carefully just put them through the flame! The hotdogs didn't get as golden brown as they do with a traditional fire. They had a more 'soot' appearance but tasted fine. I may prefer to use this just for the ambiance rather than actually cooking on.

The Jumbo Bonfire offers more than 2.5 hours of burn time and the standard Bonfire offers more than 1.5 hours of burn time. 
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  1. I think that is really neat! I love any bonfire that keeps me from having to gather wood. Plus there's not a lot of clean up!