Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Swiss Style Humidifier by Stadler *Review

Viktor and Anton by Stadler Form Win “2014 Family Choice” from Family Magazine

 Swizz Style, a leader in the home appliance market and the distributor of Stadler Form products, today announces that the company’s ultrasonic humidifier, Anton and air purifier, Viktor, have won “2014 Family Choice” at this year’s Family Magazine annual Award selection.
Brilliantly designed, Viktor filters fine dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odors through a specially developed HPP filter system.  Equipped with activated carbon filter, fragrance dispenser, night mode, and five cleaning levels, Viktor clearly demonstrates what clean air is all about with top CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) values. (MSRP $399.99)

Anton, an ultrasonic humidifier, with its ionic silver cube, keeps the room at optimum humidity.  Available in six sleek colors, this humidifier is certain to be a fashionable addition to any room.  The Anton is practically silent, energy efficient and features an auto shut off feature.  It even boasts a scented-oil dispenser to diffuse one’s favorite scent into the air making it the perfect aroma therapy unit.  With multiple output levels and dimmable LED night mode, Anton runs circles around its competition.  (MSRP $139.99)

This product is the perfect size for dorm rooms, office space, or even bedrooms for the evening. Not only is it a humidifier, it is also a diffuser so you can put in natural essential oils and help the room smell lovely. I love the idea of this for a gift for a graduate! You know that those dorm rooms will be getting mighty stuffy and musty at times, especially in the winter when you can't open the window and get a fresh breeze. Humidifiers also help with cold season. Help clear out your sinuses by running the humidifier at night.
This unit is compact and easy to use!  Very stylish and modern in design.

The sleek design would definitely fit in with the college kids decor.

The Family Choice Awards recognizes excellence in products, services, resources and leisure activities for children and families. They are evaluated and tested through a rigorous judging process by parents, educators, children and qualified professionals. Recommendations of these "Choices" are reflected in Family Magazines’ Award Programs. These prestigious annual awards, now in their 18th year, are one of the most coveted; family friendly consumer awards programs in the nation.
“We are honored to have been selected as ‘2014 Family Choice’ for the Family Magazine Awards,” said Julie Monroy, U.S. Operations Manager for Swizz Style. “Our goal has always been to provide our customers with attractive and cleverly designed functional home appliances, and these two models epitomize this commitment by allowing consumers to provide their families with clean air and room humidity far superior to our competitor’s.”

About Swizz Style
A leader in innovative and attractively designed Stadler Form-branded household and commercial products, Swizz Style is leaps and bounds above its competitors.  Striving to develop items of practical use, all products are engineered and designed in Switzerland.  With four Swiss designers at the helm, Swizz Style, with its Stadler Form brand, encompasses all that is possible in function/form, simple construction and aesthetics.  For more information on the company, please visit

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