Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kevel Mommy Expand your Waistline and Secure Your Zipper *Review

Kevel Mommy works on the same basis as Perfect Fit and comes in three waist- expanding sizes that allow for comfort which equals a happy mommy rocking her favourite funky jeans throughout her pregnancy. $16.99 with six per pack.
Perfect Fit for those jeans that no longer quite fit. These work by attaching the rubber tag to the button, then looping the bands through the zipper and then through the button-hole. 
Kevel Mommy is your guarantee against any zipper revealing moments. Simply attach the rubber tag to the button and the single band to your zip, instantly securing and ensuring against open fly syndrome! $9.99 with four per pack.

With three sizes, you can go from early pregnancy through the time you need maternity closes, and then again post partum. I am in the first trimester so haven't branched into maternity clothes yet, I prefer to wait as long as possible. I was able to use my regular jeans and put on the medium size Kevel and was good to go. 

I found it easy to get off when I needed to take a bathroom break. It was a little odd at first having my button basically attached to my zipper, but it just takes some getting used to. I like that I can keep the Kevel right on the pants and send them through the wash, no need to put the Kevel back on again and again. 

 The Kevel looks so much better than walking around with my pants unbuttoned and trying to hide that under my shirt. It doesn't hide well! This little gadget is really going to come in handy. 

Kevel Fly Tie is available at Nordstorm, Duane Reade and Buy Buy Baby.

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