Saturday, May 17, 2014

Candle Bible Handbook *Review

Candle Bible Handbook
Terry Jean Day and Carol J. Smith

This guide book tells you about the big ideas of the bible including the main people and events and helps you see how all of the Bible fits together. 
It is divided into the individual books of the Bible beginning with Genesis. Each book has an outline, and sections called Look out for.. and Things to Look for When Reading the Book.
The guide also includes fantastic:
Study questions
frequently asked questions
Country's involved in this Bible book
for each book of the Bible
Additionally there also includes an Old and New Testament timeline. Information on the Tabernacle. The miracles of Jesus. Paul's Travels. Cutaway of a Synagogue.
This is an excellent guide to get a taste of what the book will be about before you dive in. A great resource to have near by when you are studying your Bible. 
I really loved the photographs of actual places!
 978-1-85985-586-7 | $17.99 | Paperback Kregel Publications

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