Tuesday, April 29, 2014

California Tea House *Review

California Tea House is a family owned tea company specializing in home grown teas of California. Many of their teas are grown right there, organically in California which I found unique. They make their tea on small scale to keep the unique artisan quality to each cup of tea.
There truly is no comparison to loose leaf tea of this caliber and the 'cheap' tea bags so many use. It is like comparing a Mercedes and a ford escort.  There is clearly an obvious winner!

Endless Summer Blooming Tea is a gorgeous way to make a tea statement! Perfect for bridal showers, fancy dinners, and even receptions. This tea is not only gorgeous to watch bloom, it tastes wonderful as well.
I have been wanting to try blooming tea since the first time I saw it. No need for a specialized tea pot (though those are sure pretty!), I just used a quart jar and poured boiling water over my tea bud and watched it go to work. The kids sure enjoyed the unveiling!

This is a silver needle white tea with Globe Amaranth, Jasmine and Marigold for a nice, light, beautiful tea.

Organic Silver Nettle was a new tea to me. This 'high society' white tea from China is only picked between March 15-April 10 on non raining days. It has a clean, sweet, light taste.

Bedtime Chai was probably my favorite of the three I sampled. I am just a Chai lover I think. The blend of spices and tea really give a bold flavor, down to the last drop! Chai is often a tea with caffeine, so a huge plus with this is it is decaf and you can drink it in the evening to help you relax and get snuggled up for bed. Chamomile, cinnamon, cloves, Valerian root, vanilla and nutmeg. Sure fills like you are drinking dessert doesn't it?

One addition I would love to see California Tea House add is a scale on the amount of caffeine in each blend. I can't always keep track of the names of the tea, and which is more of a morning tea versus an evening tea. It would make it easier for sleepy Mama's to find what they need if we had a scale rating the caffeine content.

You can look search for a variety of tea based on the blend, the mood  you wish to evoke, or the country of origin. There are so many teas to look through, some beautiful ones from California as well as other countries. I always thought I would be a coffee only gal, but I really think Tea is starting to work it's way in there more and more with great companies like California Tea House!

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