Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Climbing Kansas Mountains #atozchallenge

 Blogging Unit Study ideas using Five in a Row Curriculum Books from A to Z

I am joining literally hundreds of other bloggers to blog through the Alphabet in the month of April (Sunday we get a break!) with a Themed month. This is my first time joining in and I am excited for the challenge. 

C is for Climbing Kansas Mountains
by George Shannon

 On a hot summer afternoon when there's nothing to do, Sam's father says, "Sam, time you and I went to climb a Kansas mountain." When they climb to the top of one of the grain elevators full of wheat, they see the patchwork of beautiful fields that is the Midwest's beauty

 This book lends itself to learning about great state of Kansas and their vast wheat fields. It is also wonderful for cultivating imagination. As you  may imagine, Kansas doesn't have any mountains, thus the grain elevator becomes the mountain.
We enjoyed watching videos on how wheat was harvested off of the fields in Kansas and the process it went through.
This site has a lot of information and printables for education on wheat North Dakota Wheat Commission

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  1. I would really love to visit Kansas one day. A girl from New England who is enamored with the Little House books can't help but yearn to see the Kansas prairies.

    Hope you'll stop by