Friday, March 21, 2014

Sage Stone Botanicals Organic Moisturizing Skin Care *Review

Sage Stone Botanicals was opened in 2005 to share healing soaps and lotions with customers who desire natural, organic ingredients. The soaps and lotion use only natural ingredients that are safe for the entire family. Paraben and sulfate free ingredients for a healthier skin.
I was impressed with the unique scent line up of the Sage Stone products. I have reviewed natural products in the past, with a very limited scent selection. There is definitely a benefit to having the basic scents that everyone seems to like, peppermint and lavender for example. Both of which Sage Stone Botanicals does carry, but for us adventurous types I love the smell of Tangerine Lemongrass and Jasmine. The latest scent Muscat had peaked my attention as well! (which just happens to be 20% off right now!)

Can you see the thickness of this lotion? Tangerine Lemongrass Hand Cream ($6) is a rich, creamy lotion that goes on smoothly and immediately moisturizes your skin. I love when a product has the rich nutritional value, and isn't watered down with.. water! It of course has some water in the ingredients, but not to the extreme that so many watered down products seem to have.  I was so glad to see nice, thick products from Sage Stone Botanicals. The hand lotion is a bit thicker than the body lotion. This creme is meant to get deep down into those tough to moisturize areas. You can use this for dry, cracked heels, knees and more. Not for hands only!

It is difficult to show moisture in a photo, but I figured I would try at least. Just wish you could scratch and sniff the screen to smell it! The Tangerine Lemongrass was a citrus delight!

The Jasmine Organic Body Lotion ($5) was also a rich, thick cream designed for your whole body. I think either of these products would do good on your hands or all over your body. The scent was definitely jasmine, without being too obnoxious and overwhelming. It didn't have the 'fake' scent that too many manufactured lotions have.

Sage Stone Botanicals also sells lip balm, shower gels and hand soap.

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