Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pinata Birthday Fun! *Review

Nothing makes a birthday more fun than when you take a swing at a Pinata! Wholesale Party Supplies has all of your birthday needs including a pinata fitting for every theme.
We went with the horse theme on my 6 year old's birthday, being in Kentucky and all!

The pinata comes packaged wonderfully! There are directions for putting the candy in, and the hanging equipment and blindfold are also included. This horse was so realistic with his bridle and saddle!

It is cold outside so we opted for a makeshift inside pinata party, letting the little guy have first dibs. This was a very strong pinata. Each of the kids had a chance to whack at it, and we didn't even use a blindfold. It took one of the older kids to finally get pieces to fly off it. I really do prefer well made pinatas like this, to prolong the fun!

Pinatas are a fun activity for kids for all occasions.Have a spring celebration, celebrate Easter, or gear up for the next birthday party! Pinatas really add another level of fun to the festivities.

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1 comment:

  1. I love that there are premade pinatas now! When my children were small we always made ours homemade! So much more convenient now to buy them, but less fun because you can't make it a project with the children!