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Mastering 5th Grade Math Fractions *Review Review Review offers a variety of Math and Science DVD's to help you teach and reinforce specific areas in both of these subjects.

Jason Gibson created these DVDs to help us work with our students. I recently had my 5th grade niece move in with me. She has always been in public school, and now is being homeschooled. I have not lived near her to know what she has and hasn't learned already. She didn't have any records that followed her.. just my trying to figure out where she should be.

 I loved that I could pop in the Mastering 5th Grade Math Volume 1 for her and my 6th grader to get us started in Math mid year like we are. I want to make sure to cover all of our basis, and I know that even the refresher for my 6th grader would be good.

Jason gives a clear understanding of the idea of fractions in the 16 lesson DVD. We incorporated these sessions into our day for at least 3 days a week. The DVD fits into a DVD player, or even a computer for viewing. Jason goes through small portions of fractions, a little at a time to make it easily understood. Don't skip any, as even the basic lessons need to be covered for complete understanding. I even had my 3rd grader sit in on the sessions to start grasping what fractions are all about.
The kids watched the DVD together with either I or my oldest in the room to answer questions. They did really well listening to the DVD and staying focused. The short time frame helped with that.

The 2nd DVD with the set includes the worksheets that I printed out to go along with each lesson. There are 3 per lesson, but very similar to each other. The worksheets simply very in difficulty.  I gave page 3 to my oldest, page 2 to my 5th grader, and then had my 3rd grader look over page 1. Worked perfect for all three to have a worksheet to complete right after watching the DVD, while it was fresh in their mind. If you are doing it with just one child you could easily start with page 1, and maybe later in the day have them do page 2 or 3 as a review.

The DVD is geared for grades 4-6th, but would also be a great refresher for older kids as well.
$15.99 for the DVD which will last you about 4 weeks if you do 4 lessons a week. You can also download the course for $14.99
There are 4 volumes in the 5th grade Math program. All 4 deal with fractions.
These are a great supplement to your 5th grade program. Of course you will need to cover more than fractions in the year, that is why it is only a supplemental rather than a complete program. 

I appreciate that as I am trying to school 5 children, that I can have another teacher do a little of the work for me! That I can set them up to watch the DVD and get some practice while I can be working on something with my Kindergartener. Sometimes my kids do better getting a break from hearing me teach, and having to focus on another teacher for a few minutes each day.

You can see a sample of Lesson 1, 6 and 7 HERE

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