Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lozz Dozz Love the Orphans in Zambia and Zimbabwe *Review

Lozz Dozz is pulling out all the stops to help orphans in need through their own humanitarian projects and a fundraising program that's catching fire.
The words Lozz Dozz stand for "Love the Orphans in Zambia and Zimbabwe" and "Donate to Orphans in Zambia and Zimbabwe," and are the driving force behind the stylish t-shirt brand.  While Lozz Dozz loves to create beautiful sweat-shop free t-shirts, their main sights are set on something much less material--helping the underprivileged children of other nations. Since their launch they've enacted two different programs funded by the sales of their tees and created a unique fundraising opportunity for everyone to get involved in from class clubs to youth groups.
The Buy-1-Give-1 to an Orphan Collection is a unique way to help clothe the children of these struggling countries. There are an estimated 48 million orphans living in Zambia and Zimbabwe, most without proper clothing or care. With the purchase of every tee from this line, Lozz Dozz donates one to an orphan in need.
Their other endeavor is the Project Orphanage Collection, which focuses on the lofty and rewarding goal of building a state-of-the-art orphanage in Zambia. Through this program Lozz Dozz donates 50% of the profits from every sale towards the 100K cost for constructing the center.
As a way to spread the word and encourage more adults and students to become involved in the cause, Lozz Dozz launched their own fundraiser program. Groups who sign up receive a catalog to circulate and receive $3 from each sale to go towards their fundraiser project. Additionally, with every sale the buyer not only receives a shirt but an orphan does as well. To find out more about how you can fundraise with Lozz Dozz click HERE

 The very first thing my son said about the shirt was how soft it was! He commented a couple times on how good it felt, something that he typically doesn't even consider! We both loved the symbolism of the Lozz Dozz in giving back to orphans in Zimbabwe and Zambia. With a name like Lozz Dozz it is sure to come up in conversation as to what the shirt stands for. Being involved in a church with a lot of international adoption, this program will be one that they will really love. Perfect fundraiser for Christian churches, schools, ball teams, scout groups.

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