Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Iesodo on DVD for Children *Review

Where fun and faith take flight

Iesodo (YAY-Sa-Doe) means "The Way of Jesus" This collection takes stories from the New Testament and animates them beautifully for young children to see the stories play out, using birds. 

1. Birds of a feather fish together
Two birds were angry with each other because they didn't catch any fish. A war broke out between the two about who was a better fisherman. Iesodo flies in and suggests that the birds work together to provide the fish for the wedding they are attending. Iesodo then turns the water into nectar for the wedding, reminiscent of Jesus turning the water into wine.

2. Love your enemies
Tax collector Zac the bluebird is getting acorns and worms from the other birds. He over taxes them, keeping the extra food for himself. Iesodo tells Zac that all of the birds are coming to Zac's for dinner that night. Zac is surprised, he knows that the other birds do not like him. Iesodo convinces the other birds " We should love our enemies" and they head over to Zac's. Zac shares his feast and gives back to the birds 4 times what he stole from them in taxes. Zac ends up becoming a dear friend to the birds. 

At you can find family discusssion guides, activity sheets and ecards to send out. 

So far the collection includes DVD's on Believe and Love
Coming soon; Faith, Joy, Kindness, Forgiveness and Hope

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These would make a wonderful addition to your DVD collection, especially for the Easter holiday coming up!

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