Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Awesome Science *Review

 Awesome Science is back with episode 7 and 8 where they explore Glacier National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Hosted by Noah Justice who is now 16 in these episodes, Awesome Science takes a look at some of the great places created by God and explore with a child in mind.
Episode 7 Glacier National Park takes a look at how the park could have been created by the Great Flood. You learn about how the flood had just the right mechanisms for an ice age and also how the Bible provides answers for the massive world wide extinctions.
The park is just gorgeous and it was so fun to be able to 'travel' there this winter and see some of the beauty of nature we have been missing.

Episode 8 Rocky Mountain National Park has us traveling to see beautiful mountains, streams, pine forests and wildlife through the eyes of the Creator. The Rocky Mountains episode also includes information on the Great Sand Dunes National Park, Garden of the Gods, and Devils Tower as well.
In just 30 minutes we can travel to a beautiful location from the comfort of our home. Noah does an excellent job at sharing with his audience, on a level that they can understand.
Filmed by a Homeschool family, the Awesome Science series knows what information will be pertinent to us. What a great family to support as well! Only $10 per DVD which is an outstanding price for all of the footage and information you get. Additionally you can download a study guide online as well to help ask questions and get discussion started with your kids.

We have long been a fan of traveling with Awesome Science!
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