Friday, March 21, 2014

A to Z Reveal... Unit Study Themes with Five in a Row Books

I have really been needing to find something to work with to get blogging more. Life gets so busy, yet I want to keep blogging. I decided to take on a challenge for April!
Blogging from A to Z along with like 1400 other people! I might get traffic from it, but probably not. But what it will do is help get me in the blogging mood again and get my thoughts flowing!

I just happened to find this challenge today, and it happens to be reveal day!! So I figured that was a great time to jump in. I have had approx 15 minutes to think on my theme. I wanted it to be educational in theme. I have been working with the kids on homeschooling through the ABC's. Perfect for this theme! We are only through letter J, but I already have a list of what we will be doing the other letters.

Each letter will have a Children's book (or more) as the main book we use, and either the Title of the book, or one of the main components of the book will line up with the Alphabet. Most of the books come from the Five in a Row curriculum.

I had started this style of theme through a weekly ABC hop, but I always was behind, and didn't want to post if we hadn't actually done the book yet. This go round we are posting for future books as well as one with books we have already done. It will help me as well to keep information in one place so when we do get to that letter in our school, I can easily find it!

This kicks off April 1st, and we have Sunday's off! Looking forward to sharing some excellent books and themes with you!

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  1. This is awesome. I'm always looking for new materials for my students. I look forward to seeing your book recommendations.

    N J Magas, speculative fiction author, participating in Blogging A-Z April Challenge.